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I'm currently using OmniFocus and loving it. But (there's always a 'but'), I'm still overwhelmed with projects and daily todo's. First, let me preface that I understand that NO software will take the workload off, but I am looking to 'organize' more, and be less scattered.

So, I'm seeking advice from those that have used OmniPlan and OmniOutliner in conjunction with OmniFocus. From what I can garner, OmniFocus is more for the 'todos' and immediate to near immediate actions. What I would like is to start using OmniPlan to build projects and port the 'need to be done' tasks to OmniFocus. Is this possible? Has anyone had success with these two running side by side.

Also, I'm a technical writer and after reading the most recent of the Omni Blogs, I was intrigued by how OmniOutliner helped with writing (i.e. organizing, developing, constructing, and porting documents to word). Could this be used in conjunction with OmniFocus in place of OmniPlan?

Please let me know your opinions as to how these three (or a combination of any two) may be used in conjunction with each other to streamline projects.

Oh, and btw, I'm seeking to include ALL my projects, both personal and professional, I'm not sure if that was clear, but I wanted to pass that along as well (so basically I'm not looking just to solve the writing organization issue, there are home improvement projects, and Dissertation projects to consider as well).

Thanks to all who view and post!
Hi All,

Been playing with a copy of OmniOutliner, I see how the function of the 'send to OmniFocus Inbox' service may help with identifying specific tasks from an outline to a 'todo'. I'm going to download a trial of OmniPlan to check it out as well, but I'm still interested in your experience ('your', as in any of you that have a 'system' in place for use with this ... well ... system!). Is an OmniPlan/Focus a better match than OmniOutline/Focus, or is the trifecta a better option?

Thanks again!

Edit: Ok... so does OmniOutliner change when you complete the 'todo' in OmniFocus. I've been able to send the specific 'todo' to my inbox, but when I check it complete (and I've got Focus set to remove when complete), I don't see where it goes to Outliner and checks it (honestly, it appears to not affect Outliner at all). Does OmniPlan do this as well? Basically I'm looking for some more cross changes here.

Further, when I check a 'todo' complete on my iPhone, can I set it to affect the Outliner when I log in? Maybe a setup with my MobileMe acc?

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At the moment, "Send to OmniFocus" is one-way: it goes into OmniFocus, but OmniFocus doesn't ever report any status back.

We're planning stronger integration between future versions of OmniFocus and OmniPlan, but it's not there yet.
Ken, thanks for the clarification. I've sinced 'trolled' the forums and have noted that this feature has been brought up several times, you all are completely aware of the need, and hopefully we'll see an update with the feature.

Since beginning this, I've gone deeper into OO and have decided to stick with OO and OF for a spell.

I'm on the crusade to 'convert' some of my office mates into the boat. Hopefully I'll have more resources in the near future (i.e. an actual Mac at work and not just at home) and then I'll look at OP a little closer. To echo others however, I would jump today if there were:

1. multiple project support in one file view,
2. integration with OO and OF,
3. maybe an iPhone app?

Best Regards.
Yes this is an important question for all of us!

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