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What mechanisms do OmniFocus users who use Firefox use to get webpage URLs into OmniFocus?

I used the Keyconfig extension to assign a keystroke that opens a JavaScript bookmarklet (via assigning it a keyword) that ties in with OmniFocus URI Handler to place the task into OmniFocus.

This is ideal in some respects, but not in others. The way the OmniFocus URI Handler was originally written, a tweak in the URL you used for the bookmarklet would, instead of sending the task directly to OmniFocus, bring it up in the Quick Entry window. Despite being documented in this manner, after e-mailing the author, it doesn't appear this works.

(Nor does assigning project or context in the URL, either. Something is better than nothing, but the lack of all these functionalities is really quite unfortunate and unpleasant.)

This latter choice -- bring up the Quick Entry window with much of it prefilled -- would be much more ideal, because I find myself being "lazy" enough to let the cookie-cutter text stand, and not be specific about what I am actually bookmarking the page for. In fact, allowing that "laziness" to proceed for too long has led to the necessity of rebuilding my task list from scratch over the next few days.

I'd like to know how other users of both OmniFocus and Firefox have merged the two.

(This is especially important -- both for me and, I imagine, for others -- because, since I spend much time in the browser (given Gmail, Facebook and a myriad of other Internet "homes"), webpages usually are a reminder of a task. Ah, I'm on Reddit's food subreddit -- and that's a burger recipe I need to expand into a miniproject! *click* Ah, I'm on my bank account's webpage -- and I notice that they sent me an account alert a full 23 hours after the event it was supposed to "alert" me to. I should send them a complaint. *click* And so on.)

If there are few or no other ways of doing business other than the half-working one I'm employing, if someone from Omni Group is reading this, could you speak to whether there are any plans to offer better official support with Firefox and OmniFocus? I have no plans (at the moment) to switch from Firefox -- and at the risk of sounding disagreeable, I don't think I should have to. Given its immense popularity, it seems very counterintuitive not to offer official support in the form of an authentic and better-featured way to get page URLs from Firefox to OmniFocus, as one can do with Safari.

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I don't speak for Omni, but I can't resist asking some questions.

On the infrequent occasions when I use Firefox (typically only to visit a site where WebKit-based browsers such as Safari or OmniWeb aren't handled correctly), if I need to capture a page URL, I just hit my keyboard shortcut to bring up the quick entry window, cmd-' to open the notes field, and drag over the URL, using the icon to the left of the URL bar. Assigning context, project, editing action name, start and/or due dates typically swamps the few seconds required to capture the URL, most of which is spent waiting for OmniFocus to initially respond thanks to my overgrown database.

I don't dispute that Firefox is a popular browser, over the population of all web users, but I wonder how popular it is with the population of OmniFocus users? Omni uses standard Mac OS X functionality to implement the clipping feature; Firefox is the party not implementing all of the pieces here. While an argument can certainly be put forth that the relative sizes of the populations mean that Omni ought to implement something to help out, it isn't clear that requests for such support are actually present in sufficient numbers to move the project up the priority list for Omni. A quick search for "firefox" on the OmniFocus forums turns up a surprisingly small number of hits, many of them not relating to the clipping service but rather things like "can you build a Firefox plugin that I can use on my PC at work so I can have access to OmniFocus there?"

If Brian does happen to chime in on this, perhaps he'll tell us just how far down the list the request for some sort of Firefox clipping support is. My guess is that there are a lot of features with more requests, and that there might be quite a wait. Unless you're tied to some Firefox plugin, why not upgrade to a superior browsing experience, such as OmniWeb?
I wrote a bookmarklet that gets the currenlty viewed page from Firefox into OmniFocus. It uses a rather long winded wayby using Google Mail to create a message that goes into You then have to use the mail rule in preferences to process any incoming tasks.

Hope that helps,

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