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"No root transactions found" error: Once more with feeling Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I just sent this to the Ninjas, but they seem to be backed up for awhile, so I'll give it a shot here. I've read all the threads about my problem, and nothing in them worked. Maybe someone will have a new idea this time...

Hey there. Here is the system in question:
MacBook 2,1
OS 10.5.5

OmniFocus 1.0.3
I'm trying to update to OF 1.1 r105044.

When I replace OF 1.0.3 with OF 1.1 (placing former in Trash), and then
start the application, I get the following:

Unable to read document.

No root transactions found in

I can do nothing with the software; this error message comes up no matter
what I try to do. I have to force quit the application.

Here is what I've found (all of these ideas came from various threads on the
support forum):
1) Replacing 1.1 with 1.0.3 again, everything works fine.

2) Trying to restore a backup of the 1.0.3 database whilst running 1.1
results in the same error.

3) In 1.0.3, I have moved the database location to the Desktop, restarted
the program, then moved it back to the default location before installing
1.1. Same behavior.

4) I have deleted ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus directory and then installed 1.1. The program starts fine with the default starting database
(i.e. the one with things like "buy Getting Things Done"), but as soon as I
try to restore my 1.0.3 database, I get the same error until I force-quit.
It is important to note that any time one OF version is in the Applications
directory, the other is in the Trash. I've also compressed it and erased
(emptied the Trash) the original. I can't see how they could be interfering
with each other.

This is the first time I've tried upgrading, so the database should be a
standard 1.0.3 database.

I have run out of suggestions on the forums; what should I do?
It sounds like you are doing the right things. I wonder if perhaps there has been a regression with the database upgrade code in recent Sneaky Peek releases? Try grabbing one of the older releases in the Sneaky Peek directory and see if it does any better at converting your database. When you start up 1.1 with a 1.0.3 database, you should get some ominous warnings about converting your database.

Okay, I did some testing, and found that if you go back to the 104954 release, it should work properly. I'll file a bug report.
Many thanks, WHPalmer4. I had the same problem this AM, and your suggestion fixed it. Thanks, as well, for filing the bug report.

I feel like a bit of a moron for not just trying an older build.

But I'm up and running on my MacBook (work) syncing to my Pro (home) via MobileMe, and couldn't be happier.

"Figure out Syncing in OmniFocus" has been in my "Miscellaneous" project for about 2 months. Now it's checked off on both machines!

Now to add an iPhone into the mix (I think a lot of people got into OF through the iPhone; for me, it's the other way around!).
Good call. This was due to some changes in the sync performance changes. After a simple fix, 1.1 should again recognized 1.0 files for upgrade in build 105047, after our build server packages it up.
CTO, The Omni Group
Thanks Whpalmer4. I was sooo happy to find your response to this issue.
Originally Posted by Tim Wood View Post
Good call. This was due to some changes in the sync performance changes. After a simple fix, 1.1 should again recognized 1.0 files for upgrade in build 105047, after our build server packages it up.

It's several months later, and I'm using:

Build details:

Product: OmniFocus-1.6
Tag: OmniFocus/1.6/GM-v77.16.3
Date: 2009-03-11 21:44:36 -0700
Builder: kc
Revision: 110061

and I am still having this problem. Anyone want to point me in the right direction. I've never been able to use this application that I just bought. Frustrating!

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