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I just checked my OF document on MobileMe and found that it is 3.1mb and contains 162 zip files. I synced my two computers and iPhone last night and have just synced all three again for the first time today at 1855. So, I guess I'll wait just over an hour and sync all three and then check the file size and package contents again. John
Two hours later . . . got tied up on Hulu :-) but just synced all three devices and checked size and package contents. Size went from 3.1 to 2.5 mb, and zip files from 162 to 9. Pretty impressive! I guess I'll have to develop a workflow to sync everything twice waiting at least an hour between sync's.

Opening and syncing on iPhone is bullet fast now! The document opens so fast I don't even see progress bar activity before it disappears. John

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I sync my Macs at home and at work. I noticed that my database was getting quite large. Looking over my OmniFocus backups, I see that until recently, they would gradually increase from about 600KB to about 5MB. They then suddenly go back to the smaller size and start to increase in size again. I assume this is because of the syncing causing them to compact as mentioned above.

However, over the past week, the database has gradually increased in size. Every backed up database has been larger than the previous one. The way I use my Macs has not changed, and I cannot think of anything I did that may have caused this. This began on the date I upgraded to Snow Leopard, and I'm wondering if there's a connection or just a coincidence.

Today I reverted to the most recent backup, and that did not compact the database, either.
Have you checked what clients you have registered for syncing? Perhaps you have a stale client?

Go to OmniFocus -> Preferences -> Sync and click on the "Show Clients" button. Try to identify all the machines listed and make sure they've each been synced in the last few days. If any of them haven't, that's probably what's preventing your database from compacting.

To resolve the situation, you can either sync the stale client or just unregister it. Of course, any un-synced changes on the unregistered client will not be merged, so watch out for that.

Hope this helps.

That was it! Thanks, Dennis.
Patrick, if Dennis' suggestion doesn't yield some improvement, I'd suggest emailing or calling the support ninjas. I've seen some behavior relating to syncing perspectives in Snow Leopard that seems to only happen on my Snow Leopard machine, and depending on the order that various machines are synced, may prevent database compaction from taking place. It's impossible to say conclusively whether that is your issue from the data provided, but if it is, perhaps the additional data points could help find the cause of the problem. I think my case is probably fairly rare, or they would have had more reports of it, so I'm going to speculate that when you upgraded one or more of your machines, something happened to fool OmniFocus into creating a new client in the sync database instead of using the old one, and it is the presence of the old one that is keeping the database from compacting, as Dennis suggested. Fortunately, if it does turn out to be a stale client, the fix is very easy!

Which version(s) of OmniFocus are you using?
Thanks. I've got version 1.7.3. I think you're correct about one of the Snow Leopard upgrades resulting in the creation of a new client. The upgrade went smoothly on my home machine, but at work I'm having numerous issues with permissions that were set incorrectly. When I looked at "Show Clients" upon Dennis' suggestion, the duplicate client was from work.

So far, so good from the home machine. The database is smaller.

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