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Now that this thread is almost a year old, I'm wondering how close we might be to seeing OO for the iPhone and Touch.

My needs are simple ... grocery lists, lists of books I'm looking for at used bookstores, and the like. I use OmniFocus for projects and task lists but don't want to clutter it with errand lists.

Export from OOP to OPML, then import into CarbonFin, then sync with iPod Touch ... works but everytime I do it I get grumpy that you guys haven't given us the magic app for this. :) Please please please! :)
Yeah, I doubt anything's going to happen with OO and iPod touch.... :-(
As mentioned in the original post, OmniOutliner 4 is coming first. OO on the iPhone/Touch is still very much a possibility.
OO on the larger Apple tablet (iSlate, or whatever it will be called today) would certainly be appealing.

Edit: iPad seems to be the name, Fujitsu willing :-)


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I use OO probably 10 hours a day, and rely on it for my job. I really hope OG brings it to the iPad. I already own OF on my Mac and iPhone, and OO on my Mac. I would have NO problem paying for OO on the iPad. Just name the price, I'm there.
While I use and like OO on my Mac, I am thinking a bit differently for the iPad, though that would be a great start for notes to associate with a project.

What about a note taking app, which allows you to take handwritten notes with a stylus, inside of the OF application. In other words, while at a meeting, bring up a new note page, assign it to a project and context, give it a title (think task), then open the note and enter handwritten notes. Then when you return to your desk, select any tasks from your notes for entry as individual tasks in the project. Doesn't even have to recognize handwriting. My notes would be saved with the project for every meeting, and when I have time, I can develop tasks from those notes in the usual manner.

If I had this capability, I would purchase an iPad just to use for meeting notes. Of course having my Google Calendar, corporate email, contact lists, etc. on a larger screen at the meeting would be a real bonus. Food for thought, John
@santra - I'd be interested in hearing all the things you do with OO every day. While I appreciate it as an outliner, I haven't been able to really break away from using Word. Can you elaborate? Thanks, John

Originally Posted by santra View Post
I use OO probably 10 hours a day, and rely on it for my job. I really hope OG brings it to the iPad. I already own OF on my Mac and iPhone, and OO on my Mac. I would have NO problem paying for OO on the iPad. Just name the price, I'm there.
i love this program. i would use it nearly every day at work. but new job, in the wintel world. so no more. put this on the iPad. then i could use it anywhere i go (don't need a second laptop, even though the one i have is wintel). i can see the limitations this program would have on the iphone, but there's a new tool in town!
Got to think about how the iPad will fit in my workflow and quickly got think about OO. Seems like I'm not the only one. OO is a "natural," on the iPad.
Like others, I partly see it as a companion tool. Taking notes in OO (not necessarily handwritten) would help. Synching those notes to OO Mac would work well. This might also work on the iPhone and iPod touch. Been using CarbonFin Outliner and ToodleDo-aware apps for just this purpose.
But there's more. How about iWork? Seems like the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK has space for sharing documents between apps. OO exports to Keynote on the Mac. The same feature would be fantastic on iPad.
Oh God please make some kind of OO iPad document!

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