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I'm beginning to see the sense of using an ancillary app. to manage my information - stuff that isn't directly involved in a project.

What tools do the panel use for this purpose?



I use a combination: OmniOutliner for structured material, like future goals or packing checklists; folders and files in the Finder for project support; and Eagle Filer for archival emails.



Hi Curt :-)

I have these notes: -

o 'NI dongle purchased 12/4/07'
o 'Unsubscribed from MyLife' 12/9/09'
o lots of technique notes for Logic Pro
o people I was considering to invite to perform at a festival last year.

None of them are directly involved with a current project, although arguably the Logic Pro techniques are always useful - but they are no more than tasty selections of the parper/sofware manual

I'd like to strip these sort of things out of OF - to make it more 'action-lean'.

Not least because of the amount of time I have to wait every time I search for a term - but also to cultivate conciseness in what the application is designed to do.

So what I need is an info organiser that will allow me to categorise my info in much the same way that OF does - will Eaglefiler do all that? I've been windowshopping Eaglefiler, DevonThink, Yojimbo, Notes ( Circus Pony) and so on.

I really like the idea of Eaglefiler managing my email archives, but that's not what I'm focused on right now.

My favourite PIM has been MORI, but there hasn't been any development for over a year, and it breaks in Snow Leopard, which I will eventually move to.
I also fancied Journier back when, but they've just announced an end of development, too.

Evernote appears to be an online PIM, and I don't really fancy online data storage.


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I've investigated DevonThink, Yojimbo, and EagleFiler. DevonThink is clearly the power tool of this bunch, but I just can't get past the unapproachable user interface. I really like Yojimbo, but it can't handle email natively; you have to print emails to pdf to import them to Yojimbo. EagleFiler feels sticky some how; it's lightning quick one minute, then impossibly slow the next. But it takes a mountain of email, a huge variety of other documents, and provides all the hierarchical and tagging-based organization I could want.

So EagleFiler gets my email, web clippings, random notes, and anything else that doesn't have a home elsewhere.

Peter, I think what you're looking for is a PIM (Personal Information Manager). I've been using a now defunct/discontinued PIM called Dossier that I absolutely love. I actually was using it to manage all my do lists until it got out of control... thus why I sought out Omnifocus.

Friends have recommended Evernote, Devon* products, Yojimbo, Together, Voodoopad, Journlr, OmniOutliner and more. There are a lot of options-- let me know if you find one you love!

I'll be using Dossier until I get up to speed on GTD. Then may try to find a good PIM, though Dossier does the trick for me for the most part.
> I think what you're looking for is a PIM (Personal Information
> Manager)

yes indeed - I've been through quite a few in my time :-)
Now Software, Palm Desktop, Hogbay/MORI, Journier - and apart from Now ( which is overfeatured for my needs) they are no longer under development.

As my main interest is retrieval of text information I guess any of the products you mention would work - but following the responses here, I am growing interested in asset management and email management, too.

I guess this decision will have to brew for a while :-)

thanks, curt & jay - and I'd love to hear from other panelists

Originally Posted by curt.clifton View Post
DevonThink is clearly the power tool of this bunch, but I just can't get past the unapproachable user interface.
Oddly enough, Devonthink seems to me to have an unusually straightforward user interface - you just make folders, pull things into them, and use the search dialogs ...

Perhaps, however, this is not the right forum for that conversation :-)
Maybe I need to have yet another look. Every time I've launched a trial of Devonthink I just think "eww". ... [downloads demo] ...

The UI is cleaner than I remember, but there are still way too many concepts to learn for my needs: groups, databases, multiple inboxes, 6 different views on the main toolbar, smart groups in the sidebar and within databases, and a dialog (that comes up behind other apps) with options to install nearly a dozen different vaguely named plug-ins as the first-launch user experience.

Anyway, this is off-topic. DT is clearly a power tool. I'm sure others find OF equally daunting on first launch, but I'd be lost without it. To each his own.




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