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The placement of items at the top of the inbox is by design - we intend to change that eventually, but the Mail Drop will ship with the current behavior.

Making the mail drop work the way folks would prefer would require updating all three editions of OmniFocus; we don't want to do that right now. We've heard folks say loud and clear that they want OmniFocus 2 for Mac as soon as we can manage it. Part of accomplishing that means making compromises in service of the larger goal.

Ditto with regards to the auto-filing features; it would take longer to implement than we have available right now. Ship the feature now so folks can benefit from it, then improve it later when we've got room on the schedule. Votes added to the existing feature request on that, though. :-)
This may simply be a limitation on the implementation, but wanted to note in case it's a bug.

When I send an email to my Omni email address and then refresh OF iPad while looking at the inbox, both the large number listed in the Inbox yellow sticky note on the top left and the number listed under Inbox [x] available in the inbox project update, for example 5 to 6, but the emailed item does not actually show up in the Inbox until I refresh by reopening the inbox. This is in contrast to what happens if I add an item in the traditional way (from my iPhone, for example). An item added from my iPhone shows up in the list of tasks upon sync without having to refresh my inbox.
Animgif, rather than re-opening the inbox, try scrolling - if the item appears, you're encountering an issue we plan to fix in a future update to the iPad app.
Ah, by being at the top of the list the item is hidden because I presume the interface "remembers" where in the list it was before it updated. Sneaky =) And thanks.
Sounds like a great new feature! I applied for the test in the Omni Sync Sync configuration and I hope I'll be able to take part in the test soon … :)
When do you think you can allow send mail to all the volunteers??
I've registered this once you released this post..I guess same day you posted this. Really wanna try this feature,, this is sth I've waiting for...
sorry about something i don't understand how to setting to mail drop feature , example like i using the gmail . i should go setting the "forwarding" ? then add the omni email ? but how do i get the confirmation code for verify?
If you're setting up a forwarding rule from Gmail, the email with that confirmation code will also go to your OmniFocus inbox. So you can just check there for the confirmation code and enter it in Gmail's UI.
Originally Posted by pjb View Post
New sync server tasks appear at the top of the Inbox which is not consistent with new tasks via the Quick Entry panel which places them at the bottom of the list. Sorting by Added does not have any effect.
I have the same issue, and with a large inbox it is very inconvenient that newly added entries from different sources are put in different places. This needs to be sorted out or at least to allow sorting by Added!

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Originally Posted by Chrisgl View Post
I have the same issue, and with a large inbox it is very inconvenient that newly added entries from different sources are put in different places. This needs to be sorted out or at least to allow sorting by Added!
As Brian said above, this is currently the expected behavior. There's some weird technical reasons why it needs to be this way for now, but once we resolve those, we'll look at improving this.

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