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Zoom shortcuts don't work Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Using v5.4 on Lion 10.7.4.

The cmd+< and cmd+> zoom keyboard shortcuts don't work for this a known issue, or does anyone else have the problem?

Cmd+< opens the tool peferences, cmd+> doesn't do anything.

Cheers, Nige
How exactly are you pressing the shortcut? cmd-, (comma being on the same key as <) will open application preferences. Just as you must hold down shift when typing '<', you also need to hold the shift key down to type cmd-<.
Hope that helps.
Thank you Jon. I'm feeling a bit daft, but...

Is it just me...the View>Zoom menu say the shortcut is [cmd symbol]<, which doesn't mean the same to me as [cmd symbol]+shift< would have done!!!
Hi Nige,

Yep, that confused me in the past too, but if you think of it another way: the menu could say "cmd-shift-," which perhaps is not so easy to remember it's six of one and half a dozen of the other I suppose. To get "<" you type "shift-," and adding cmd gives you "cmd-shift-,"

Anyway, glad it's working for you now.

Personally I like the quick zoom capability on the mouse and trackpad

Microsoft Mouse: [ctrl] + [cmd] + scroll wheel
Apple Trackpad: [ctrl] + [cmd] + 2-finger swipe up/down

It's something that Adobe never seemed to understand. Zooming should be fluid, it shouldn't require a separate tool like a magnifying glass.

My only issue is that you can't scroll beyond 800% (I would prefer 1200%)

[EDIT 10/22: Actually Adobe's new Zoom tool is VERY fluid, I just didn't know how to use it at the time of the original post. Using it correctly I can zoom in infinite increments, good job Adobe!]

Last edited by MatthewS; 2012-10-22 at 03:38 PM..
Matthew, have you tried the hot keys for the drawing tools?

For example, the default hot key for zoom is 'z', so you hold down z and draw a marquee on the screen with the mouse, it will highlight the area of your diagram that will be zoomed. Release the mouse and the document zooms to the view you drew.

I mix and match: I use the keyboard shortcut, two fingers on the trackpad + ⌘, or the marquee method depending on whatever is convenient at the time.
Thanks jonwhite!

I didn't realize OG had a magnify glass! Zoom out with Z + Option.

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