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Structure for iterative Projects (I'm new to O-Fo) Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
What is the best way to structure a Project that is:
- repeated regularly
- contains Actions that are themselves repeated _each time done_ on a number of different items?

I'll attempt a general example: research on the Web.

Daily Cull of News Articles
- Open Browser
- Scan News Aggregator
- - Um ... Make list of sites to check?
- Go to site
- Log in if required
- Search for articles on topic
- Download article when wanted.
- - Separate downloads into Finder folders by site
- log out
- Go to next site ???
- Repeat till done with sites on list
- Repeat with list of sites/articles from lecture
- Process downloads

As best I can tell, I'm totally confused about the best way to translate conditional branching (If/then) and "repeat till done" processes into Projects and Actions.
Are you perhaps over-specifying the steps in the Project and thereby leaving yourself no room even to breath (or take a bathroom break or chat on the phone or ...)?

In other words, think about how OF can be used instead to structure the OUTCOMES that help you reach an objective. Use fewer "set-in-stone" recipe-type actions and instead more outcome-directed actions, as below ...

Cull News Articles (repeat daily, start 8am, sequential)
- generate first cut of potential articles of interest (context: browser)
- cull first cut list to articles of primary importance (context: computer)
- collect articles of primary importance to storage (context: browser)
- finalize table of contents to daily collection (context: computer)

Originally Posted by DrJJWMac View Post
Are you perhaps over-specifying the steps in the Project and thereby leaving yourself no room even to breath (or take a bathroom break or chat on the phone or ...)?

No question about it -- but I have a reason: I'm learning how to use OFO, I want to know exactly how I can fold it before I commit to making flying swans, and I have always found that working on a small scale with exactitude is an excellent way to learn a skill prior to expanding its use.

Thanks for the useful and educational Project layout. 😊 .
I guess one way to do this with some gory details would be ...

Cull News Articles (repeat daily ...)
- open browser
- open news feeds
- (!) Cull This Specific News Article (Action Group, sequential, repeat immediately)
-- read Web page article
-- process Web page article (Action Group, sequential)
---- (*) accept Web page (Action Group, parallel)
------ store article
------ store link
------ ... whatever else
---- (*) reject Web page
-- close out news article view

The two tasks marked with (*) would have to be processed manually. You would manually delete the one that you decide not to do and complete the other.

The Action Group marked (!) would repeat itself for each news article. When you have exhausted the news articles, delete the entire repeat occurrence.


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