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Any chance of getting a side panel instead of an inspector window? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by LawDaddy View Post
MacBerry, my hover does not work as you say; the OF icon stays grayed-out. I tried having OF in various states, i.e., having an action active, or having a notes field open, but to no avail. Any ideas?
Ah yes, I remember now. There's a hidden preference you have to activate using terminal to turn "spring loading" on for the dock. I learned it on I'll try to find it when I have time later, and post a link.

Dennis, you're right that is quicker, but only if OF is (was) the active window. I guess 9 times out of 10 it's likely to have been, but to be sure you get OF regardless of where you were before you invoked Expose, you need to use Colicoid's method, or the "all windows" mode of Expose.
Originally Posted by Toadling View Post
OK, maybe it presents some challenges, but impossible? I don't think it's impossible.

The gist of my argument is that, IMHO, it's better to have layered windows with some degree of visibility to other UI objects (icons, other windows, etc).
I didn't actually mean "impossible", I was just trying to be dramatic. :)

I too think that (for certain software) with newer super high res screens, full screen work is becoming less of an option. I am a Windows emigrant so I was used to the full screen paradigm. I used to think that if I had more than one app on the screen at the same time I felt it was distracting (again adding a little punch here for drama). I am slowly starting to learn to not be distracted by the "windows everywhere" paradigm. But its hard and it takes time. The need to organize and keep track of those windows is increasing. I find that spaces, Command+H, Command+Tab and expose together makes for a very confusing cocktail. As of now I don't use spaces much, just the other three techniques...

Originally Posted by Toadling View Post
In step #3, why not just hit the Exposť keyboard shortcut again to return to the app you were at? Wouldn't that be easier than dragging and pressing spacebar (which, incidentally, doesn't seem to be working here), especially since you finger is already yon the Exposť button?
Why did I not think of that. :)
There is however one advantage to the "spacebar" approach.
If OF is hidden (by Comman-H), it will unhide on spacebar.
And I just realized that I can start dragging the file and then Command-Tab into OF to drop it there too.

As to wether we should have the inspector as a side panel or not; my take on it is that OF is expensive enough to merit both. The inspector do get in the way for me a lot since I sometimes have quite long action names. I agree with the notion that we should have the freedom to move it around and even put it on a different screen. I also think that we should be able to dock it. I pretty much use it as a side bar just now but I have to manually set that up now. I also agree with that OF is inconsistant in terms of what is offered in the side bar vs inline. I see benefit to offering all options inline as long as it is customizable. I certainly think that all data should be available in the inspector. I do way too much visibility switching of inline notes.
Originally Posted by colicoid View Post
I do way too much visibility switching of inline notes.
I think you've summed up my point pretty well there. A properly designed inline feature would do the visibility switching for you. It's not enough to just make everything available inline, it also needs to be designed to reduce the amount of clicking needed to see the data in the action you're interested in.

The inspector or sidebar also offers this advantage if all data is included, so I'd agree that the option of all three would be good. Each has it's benefits and advocates. Personally I see little difference between the inspector positioned to the side, and a side bar, but given that some people are happier with the on/off nature of the inspector, think all three need to be available.

That said, I'd have inline and inspector if only two options could be given, only because they both exist already, yet are not complete.

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