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SOLVED: Mysteriously growing OmniFocus.ofocus file Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
That approach of having distinct transaction files has been used by OmniFocus since before v1.0 was released back in January. File -> Rebuild Database used to coalesce those transactions into a single file, improving performance somewhat and reducing the overall size of the database file bundle.

However, there's clearly been some changes in how things are handled in v1.1, presumably in support of syncing. The transaction files are now compressed, which seems to make sense for sending them over a limited-bandwidth network. Also, using File -> Rebuild Database doesn't seem to trigger the coalescing anymore, at least not that I can see. However, I believe it still rebuilds your SQLite index that's used for searching (~/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus/OmniFocusDatabase2), and maybe it checks the integrity of your database (not sure).

On my system, I can see what looks like a transaction file for every change I make on my Mac inside the database bundle. When I sync with MobileMe, the transaction files remain. But when I then sync OmniFocus on my iPhone and then sync OmniFocus on my Mac again, all those transactions look like they get coalesced into the root file again. It seems logical that you wouldn't want them to be coalesced until OmniFocus is sure they've been synced to the remote system; hence the delay.

It's been working this way for several days now and my file size is still hovering around 320 KB, which is close to what it was before I switched to the 1.1 sneakypeak over two weeks ago.

Bottom line: if your file is consistently growing and continues to do so even after multiple successful syncs with your iPhone or remote Mac, I'd get in touch with the Support Ninjas just in case.

For me, it's the same problem, I got a lot of these files (about 190) and I can sync whatever I want, they won't get less ... actually, every time I do something, there's one more file.

Actually this one more file appears on all machines ...

My setup is an iPhone 3G, an iMac in my (home-) office and a MacBook Air "on the road". Is it possible, that this issue is related to syncing with more than two peers?

btw: Great job, guys. OmniFocus was the main reason, I needed to get an "official" iPhone here in switzerland as soon as possible.

Last edited by boris.baesler; 2008-07-17 at 07:58 AM..
I don't know if it has to do with 3+ peers, but I only have 2 (MacBook Pro and iPhone) and I haven't seen any problems.

I'm syncing 2 macs and an iPhone through the MobileMess, no problems here...
my database also seems to be growing. I'm at around 2.6mb and before I went to 1.1 and started to use syncing I was under 500k.

One nasty side effect is that this causes my omnifocus database on my iPhone to take FOREVER to load and/or sync

tried archiving and rebuilding, deleting all of my completed items, no help =(
I'm not getting the synchronization process ... for me, it looks like there is my starting-content (as of July, 13th, when I started using OF 1.1) and everything else seems to be there just as a transaction file. And that's the same on my local hard disk as "in the cloud" ... actually on MobileMe.

I would have thought, that some client should clean up in the synchronization process, so that all transactions already synched by all clients were integrated into the "main" content and then deleted ... for me, all three clients were last synched today. But the transaction files were from July, 13th on.

But just as I said ... I don't get it. But I can say from my personal experience that the problem here could just as good be me.

I think, starting up could take longer and longer and longer, because OmniFocus needs to apply all transaction files to the starting-content.

But the support guys got my database and I'm sure, they can find and fix the problem. We're in an alpha stadium and I'm very happy with data growing ... that's way better than losing data.

Last edited by boris.baesler; 2008-07-17 at 10:18 AM..

*Disclaimer: This is a little hackish. Proceed with caution.*

It's possible that the database has acquired more than one client file for one or more of your devices. This confuses it into thinking there's a device that hasn't synced recently, so it can't compact changes yet. Here's how to find and remove duplicate client files:

0) Sync all your devices if possible.
1) Browse to your OmniFocus file on your server in Finder.
2) Right-click -> Show package contents
3) Along with an awful lot of .zip files, there should be a few .client files. If everything's behaving correctly, there should be one for each device (computer or phone) you sync with.
If you have two .client files for the same device, OmniFocus will be confused. Eliminating any obsolete ones may help.
4) Open each of these .client files in a text editor of some sort.
5) Look at the 'HardwareModel' and 'name' keys to figure out which device each .client file is for. If you only have one for a device, you can close and ignore it.
6) Now you can use 'lastSyncDate' to figure out which is the current .client file for a device. You should be able to safely delete any other .client files for that device.
7) Now sync all your devices again, and after a couple syncs, your database should slim down if this was the problem. (You will need to sync all the devices at least once and then a mac again to get the file to compact.)

Note: If something goes wrong and you delete a .client file that you shouldn't have, the next time that device syncs, it will ask which database you want to use. If you synced in step 0, you can safely choose the server database and resolve the problem. If you were unable to sync that particular device in step 0, it's probably still best to choose the server database, but realize you'll lose any changes on that device.

Last edited by Lizard; 2008-07-26 at 06:09 PM.. Reason: bug fixed
Hi Lizard,

I did a lot of looking through directories (my girlfriend is not at home, I left work early today, I'm a geek and pretty interested in OmniFocus working quite perfect because my working quality depends at least a little on that).

I am sure, there were only three client files on the server, one for every device (I got a backup of the whole directory if you need it for further investigation). They were all synched today (that was what the client files said) and there were a lot of transactions there.

And just as I wanted to check the files again directly on the server, I saw, that there were only four left ... and on my local drive, there were still all of them, but after synching again, they were magically gone on my local drive as well ... and all my tasks were still there (at least the ones, I know of).

Anyway: Many thanks for that great piece of software, I really appreciate it.


P.S.: And my iPhone startup and synching is way faster ... there are only 34 KB of 820 KB left ... I'm so happy.

Last edited by boris.baesler; 2008-07-17 at 10:44 AM..
lizard's tweak worked for me. my db is now 24k!!!!
That did it for me... I just synced all my machines and deleted all the client files.

I wonder if it has to do with the iPhone... I can't use the iPhone version of OF right now anyway as it crashes 100% of the time on launch. Maybe I'll delete it off the phone and re-try.

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