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Originally Posted by clarsen View Post
it's not OF. refuses connections right now.

well, crisis is opportunity, so i'll look into alternatives now.
If you do use your own private webdav system, keep this in mind: if you get PROPFIND errors in the UI, you may have to add
BrowserMatch ^OmniFocus redirect-carefully
BrowserMatch ^CFNetwork redirect-carefully
to your .htaccess file

Suddenly can't sync w/SwissDisk server, either by mobile or computer. Site is up but is not found. Any suggestions? Thanks much. :confused:
After inquiring to SwissDisk support, got this email:

Attention SwissDisk Users,

We regret to inform you that due to an unplanned and unforeseen catastrophic hardware failure caused by multiple simultaneous events the engineering staff was unable to restore the SwissDisk file server to it's previous status.

During this unfortunate time SwissDisk management extends our apologies to anyone who may have been adversely effected by this random occurrence.

To prevent any future outages SwissDisk management has signed a contractual service agreement with a multi-billion dollar company. For the first time this will enable SwissDisk to provide our customers with a 99.95% service level agreement. SwissDisk users will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with access to a truely world class, internationally deployed, multi-million dollar, extremely resiliant storage infrastructure and internet network.

Swissdisk management has decided that during this downtime that they will spend considerable resources to migrate the SwissDisk system onto this secure, fail safe, state-of-the-art platform. The New SwissDisk will have virtually unlimited redundancy powered by one of the most respected and reliable modern storage architectures in the world.

Use of these powerful network resources combined with the security of the propietary SwissDisk software will provide SwissDisk users with unparalleled reliability, safety and security for their data.

SwissDisk Management would like to extend the following offers to our customers:

To all customers with free accounts, please watch the home page for updates for the release of "The New SwissDisk" service. Truely reliable, free secure storage is coming!

To all SwissDisk customers with paid accounts, we will be offering 6 months free service with double the secure storage space on "The New SwissDisk".

Please note, due to the unplanned outage all accounts will be required to re-register.

The entire SwissDisk team would like to say thank you to all our customers for using SwissDisk. Further we are very sorry for the interruption in service and hope that you will continue to believe, as we do, in the security and privacy that a SwissDisk account offers.

SwissDisk Management

They are. I emailed them on the 14th and they got back to me on the 15th with this form letter.

Dear SwissDisk user,

We regret to inform you that the SwissDisk system suffered a problem that has caused a system outage. Our engineering staff is working to restore the system at this time.

Unfortunately we do not have an accurate estimate of the time necessary to restore the system. Please understand that we are doing everything we can as quickly as possible to get the system back online. We will keep all concerned parties informed of the progress as the information becomes available.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. While the system is down we are adding additional resources and taking additional safety steps to ensure that the entire system is as reliable as possible.

We will be giving extra credit to anyone with a paid account to compensate for the downtime.

Thank you again for being a SwissDisk account holder, we appreciate your business.

SwissDisk Management and Support
I'm stuck with Bonjour synching until they fix this.
Even though work provided me with a MobileMe account, I've been using SwissDisk. Well I just left that job and ended up with my own MobileMe account, so I guess I'll just switch to that.

If you have some other iPhone toting, Mac-centric friends you can split a family subscription. Brings the cost way down.
This sucks. I loved using SwissDisk for the past 2 months. What I loved was that syncing was super fast. Within the Mac App the orange circle sync icon would only circumvent once and it all was synced. In the iPod Touch app I synced super fast fast that if I was running late in the morning could open the app, auto-sync and it would've all synced in less than 10 seconds which was great cause it normally takes 20 seconds to exit my wifi zone at home..

I mention this cause i've been using for the past week and honestly am not a big fan...really only cause of the's slow.

On the Mac app the orange circle winds at least 3 times before it stops and is synced. Honestly this isn't too big of a deal for me since when i'm working on my mac can handle 3 circlings....but with the ipod touch app it it takes forever. No exaggeration at least a minute. and even then within the past week at random times have gotten syncing error messages where the small window pops up telling me to retry.

I never had this problem with swissdisk...

Iono, I just wanna sync quickly. Any help at all?
Good News!

swissdisk is back up and it is faster than!

Last edited by minpinmax; 2009-10-22 at 03:30 PM..
Originally Posted by minpinmax View Post
Good News!

swissdisk is back up and it is faster than!
The moment I read this I went back to SwissDisk.

It's very interesting to mention that once I was back syncing with SwissDisk my syncing time sped up tremendously. times were approx. 30 seconds on my Mac & 1-2 minutes on my iPod Touch.

With SwissDisk it takes less than 5 seconds, normally 2-4 seconds on my Mac and about 10 seconds on my iPod Touch.

My only little qualm, though ain't complaining, is with the iPod Touch syncing is i'll need to enter the "inbox" or "flagged" in order to see the update. So if my iPod Touch's inbox has nothing in the inbox and after the sync was suppose to bring in 10 inbox items from my Mac, i'd have to tap on the "inbox" on my iPod to see them and for the OF app to recognize "10" inbox items.

But other than that i'm happy to be syncing fast!

Originally Posted by HappyDude View Post
The moment I read this I went back to SwissDisk.

It's very interesting to mention that once I was back syncing with SwissDisk my syncing time sped up tremendously.
So you believe that lightning never strikes the same place twice eh?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Originally Posted by samj View Post
So you believe that lightning never strikes the same place twice eh?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


I didn't lose anything the first time around. I'm sure it'll crash again in like a year and when it does I'll just temporarilly use something else.

But syncing is super fast and I'm incredibly content.

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