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OmniFocus at its best should empower and energize customers to get their stuff done. Looking at this version gives me indigestion.

I understand that you want specific comments, not just "it looks like a port instead of a re-imagination of what OmniFocus could be on an interactive touch screen."

But IMHO the huge list of indented banners with triangles - plus the sidebar with text that takes up about 30% of width of the screen - shows either a severe conservatism, or a critical lack of UI expertise, on the current OmniFocus team.

The name is OmniFOCUS. I need the iPad app to magically allow me to FOCUS on the things I need to do. I don't want to spend my time scrolling through collapsed banners and clicking triangles like I did 15 years ago on my mac.

Give me the ability to pop up my list of projects or contexts, choose one, and then get the UI and the other stuff I have not chosen OUT OF MY WAY and let me FOCUS on that project or context.

Location? I should just need to tap the bulls-eye that we are all familiar with, and THAT should be the signal to the iPad that I want everything nearby.

It's only a 4 second video, and I am waiting impatiently as much as anyone for the iPad version of OmniFocus, but I have seen enough to vote that you go back to the drawing board on the UI front, shake up the team to get some fresh blood in there with some real UI vision, allow some of the perceived sacred cows to be slain.

Come back at us with a program that is refreshing to use, to look at, and which helps us really cut through all the clutter to GTD.

I'll wait for that.
Originally Posted by BK0001 View Post
Give me the ability to pop up my list of projects or contexts, choose one, and then get the UI and the other stuff I have not chosen OUT OF MY WAY and let me FOCUS on that project or context.
Isn't that what perspectives are for?

Anyway, I like the new interface, it looks like a simple way to organize and I'm looking forward to the release.
Thanks for giving us a sneak peak. I understand this is a work in progress but have a couple observations.

There are a couple comments about a note attached to an action. I really like being able to see the note without having to open the action in the desktop version. As I'm reviewing available actions, there may be details in the notes that provide information which help me focus in on the appropriate next action. Please don't change the note to an icon without the ability to see it inline with the action. The text as a different color and/or size like the desktop version is ideal.

Also, as previously pointed out I think a lot of people will use the iPad version for review and planning; not just for doing. It is not apparent to me in the sneak peek video that we could easily plan and review. I feel this ability on the iPad is essential.
I agree with ckstuart -- the ability to plan and review HAVE to be in the iPad version or there's no reason for me to switch from the blown-up iPhone version (which I actually don't think is as egregious as some here seem to).

Please, let us do a real review on the iPad! (How about a video showing that, since the perspective is clearly seen in the current video?)

And regarding focus: once we've selected a project, should turning the iPad to portrait do that? Like the Mail app does?
I took a tip from "martinfbcampbell" in post #29 (this thread) and using the "AirDisplay" app I connected my iPad to my MacBook Pro as a shared screen, dragged the full Mac version of OF over to the iPad and it looked GREAT in my opinion. I understand that OF was being run on the MacBook and only being displayed on the iPad, so that being said - the actual functionality may be different due to a more limited processor/OS/memory/whatever, BUT - using the desktop version (UI) of OF combined with the touchscreen of the iPad amazing.

I may be in a minority here, but I really like the looks of the present desktop version of OF. It isn't a "pretty" UI with all the colors, shapes, graphics, and so on - but it presents what you need to see in a direct, clear, distinctive way. And having the touch screen capabilities - try it, go ahead... take a look at your present desktop on your Mac and touch it like you would if you wanted to open a task to change the name/context/start date/etc.

Try hooking up with Open Air Display like I did and give it a try. Actaully using the desktop UI and making changes through the touch screen is a whole new experience. Yes, if you have fat fingers you will probably need to have a little more space between the tasks, etc. But that should be user configurable. I'm willing to have to be a little more careful in where I touch the screen to be able to keep all the functionality that the iPad may be capable of (within it's limitations) being displayed on the screen. (i.e.: be able to have the toolbar on the top, the Projects/Contexts listed in the pane on the left, and the details in the center) And I understand, it's just my opinion. As long as OmniGroup doesn't change the functionality of OF, I'm going to use it no matter how it ends up looking on the iPad. It didn't take long, but my iPad has become attached to me and I don't see that changing.

Last edited by atreinke; 2010-06-04 at 08:24 AM..
Originally Posted by atreinke View Post
I may be in a minority here, but I really like the looks of the present desktop version of OF. It isn't a "pretty" UI with all the colors, shapes, graphics, and so on - but it presents what you need to see in a direct, clear, distinctive way.
atreinke - I'm with you in that minority, but I think we will carry the argument, because I work in a company where I run the ONLY mac for office use and all my PC tooting compatriots who are doing GTD on Outlook, various plugins, and tasktask glaze over and start drooling at the sight of the OF interface. It's right for the job and it works on the iPad resolution. Sorry OF, but I'd rather wait an extra month or two and get the right UI.

BTW, has anyone else noticed the striking resemblance to the desktop interface on "things"? - Particularly in the right hand task list it is spooky. Just a word of warning though to the Omni team, if you're going to force us into a things UI, things does it better!

Anyway, enough whining, you guys always do a great job and always leave us smiling, so I know you'll take what you need from this feedback and get the job done. That's what the forum is for right?
Originally Posted by atreinke View Post
BUT - using the desktop version (UI) of OF combined with the touchscreen of the iPad amazing.

I have just realised, having read your post carefully, that AirDisplay gives you mouse control via the touch screen (I've only been using my pad a few days here in Blighty and haven't played with all the Apps yet).

I have reached Nirvana.

Even with fat fingers, it works beautifully. On my office wireless network I can wander around with Desktop Omnifocus running on my pad.

You have GOT to try this!
My initial reaction to the video (such as can be gained in four seconds) is a feeling of being rather underwhelmed, especially after having high expectations. My understanding of how Apple views the UI process for iPad is that applications should mirror real-world objects as much as possible. Examples of this are the Calendar, Notes and Contacts apps that come preinstalled.

Some GTD apps that follow this process are Things (which let's face it, is sadly underwhelming in the functionality department) and Appigo's ToDo. ToDo, in my opinion is absolutely beautiful and makes up in functionality what Things lacks. It does however lack some of the functionality that I like in OmniFocus, namely the ability to shift contexts easily, have sequential projects, perspectives and the ability to review items easily.

But the interface is gorgeous. It doesn't get in the way of anything.

The UI I saw in the 4-second video that you were so kind to share left me wondering what exactly it was I just saw. I saw a lot of blocky objects with empty screen real-estate. It didn't look polished at all... it reminded me of a wire frame or concept.

I'm certainly not trying to be harsh, but merely offer some constructive criticism to hopefully help you guys create an extremely polished and fantastic app for the iPad. It is well known (at least from my perspective) that OmniFocus is unparalleled in the functionality and feature department. I would be more than willing to wait a bit extra to see if you guys could match your robust functionality with a polished and attractive user interface.

Hope this helps,
Well, a nymber of things to point out here.

The UI, if it stays like this, does not look good from a starting point of view. And I say this as 4 secs and just 1 action (project expanding) does not say much. We would need to see MUCH more to understand what is really happening and if thereis some thouhgt on this or not.

On the other hand, really you do not need to be a designer or artist today to build something basically good and beautiful. Just look at best practises of other apps. Additionally I would like to give some credit to the Omni guys.
Example : Omnigraffle and OmniGS. They look and work very good on the ipad.

Maybe the focus should be to get the basics right, as it is not easy to change later, rather than provide a super wide set of the desktop capabilities on the expense of lets say the UI.

What I wonder is why there aren't more videos or news.
Based on Ken, next week is pretty dead due to the whole team going to WWDC and the week after they will release the app. So why cannot we have more to feed our curiosity and provide feedback at the same time ?

BTW, seen today an app called Midnight Inbox. See their implementation. looks interesting.

This was done in a little over a half hour in KEYNOTE for goodness sakes. Although it's really rough and the color scheme is a bit gaudy, it still looks a bit more like what I think you guys could do.

Note texture; it makes the blank areas not so boring.

Try a better color scheme than all that gray.

Why you are not using your Add Action icon is beyond me.

Rounded corners whenever you can -- this is a Mac app after all. And recess areas to draw people to where their fingers should go.

And for Perspectives, why not a pop over menu instead of a drop down list.

PLEASE, PLEASE have the final Omnifocus visually engaging and make use in creative ways all that OS 3.2 has to offer. I noticed that Things has Pinch to Peak inside of projects like you can with Photo stacks - that's creative - but Things is lacking in basic functionality -- they don't yet have repeating tasks enabled on either the iPad or the iPhone app yet. Midnight Inbox tries to adhere to GTD even more closely than Omnifocus (they use all the terms -- collect, etc) but the code is a bugfest (lost data reported).

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