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Originally Posted by JKT
Does it happen in the equivalent WebKit as OmniWeb 5.6 sp?
I just installed Safari 3b to make a try, and I don't have this problem.
Out of interest, does it happen on both your computers or is it just the Intel?

If it is just the Intel, is it possible that OmniWeb is running as a Rosetta application rather than as an Intel native one?
It doesn't happen on the G5.
After testing everything, it happens only on the intel laptop, with the pages containing few flash applets inside. But i don't have the problem with Safari 3 or Camino, neither on the iMac G5 with Omniweb 5.6 SP 4.
Have you updated to the latest version of the Flash Player (it was updated a few days ago) and have you checked to see if OmniWeb is running as a Rosetta application (I believe there is a check box in the Get Info window on Intel Macs that let's you toggle this on or off - I don't know for sure as I've not got access to one)?
yes everything is up-to-date.

no OW is not running in Rosetta.

But to correct the problem, I have to quit OmniWeb. It doesn't change anything if I only close the sites responsible, those containing Flash.
OK, if they aren't personal and if you haven't already done so, Send Feedback... with the links to the problem pages to OmniGroup. It might be worthwhile mentioning that you use German for the OS as well (IIRC, you are doing this?) as that might be another contributory factor.
I currently have over 30 tabs open and OmniWeb is using less than 0.5% of the CPU and 267MB of memory—except when I'm actually typing, when the CPU jumps up to around 3%. So (as it sounds like you've already determined) it probably has something to do with specific sites you're visiting.

Originally Posted by m-rick
But to correct the problem, I have to quit OmniWeb. It doesn't change anything if I only close the sites responsible, those containing Flash.
OK, so when you go to some sites it starts eating CPU, and when you close those sites it doesn't stop? It would be very helpful if you could send in a sample of where OmniWeb is spending its CPU. You can do this by running Activity Monitor (from /Applications/Utilities), selecting OmniWeb (it's easy if you filter for "OmniWeb"), and then selecting Sample Process from the View menu. If you send us that sample, we'll look through it to see if we can figure out what's going wrong.

You might also check OmniWeb's error log and network activity (select Error Log and Network Activity from the Window menu) to see if there's anything relevant showing up in either of those places.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon; thanks for your help!
Here's an idea, but I don't know whether it's already been done or how easy it would be if it hasn't. Is there a program out there, equivalent to CaminoKnight for Camino, that can download the latest "daily" (in this case, approximately daily) build of OmniWeb and install it in the correct location automatically?

On my 3 machines, I'm finding it tough to remember which ones I've updated on and which ones I haven't, and the fact that the builds don't show up in the update checker doesn't help matters (though I understand why it's being done that way).
Originally Posted by Oblique Strategy
It's fantastic so far, my only caveat is the Netflix bug remains.
I'm excited about OW5.6 as well....just wish that pesky Netflix bug would get squashed.
dmz - there is an RSS feed for the sneakypeeks. That'll let you know when there's an update to download.

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