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Weekly review 'issues' Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I've logged this with the Ninjas, but wanted to see how others handle things.

My weekly review is usually on a Friday, but life is life and sometimes it's not possible.

If Friday's not possible, I hold the review on the Sunday, which all works really well until the following Friday when none of my projects with weekly review iterations show up in review. Obviously, I could go through all of my projects and manually review them, but with over 100 projects and climbing, that's not really practical.

The flip side is that If I know I'm going to be spectacularly busy, sometimes I want to do a weekly review on a Thursday, again very few of my projects will be available in Review when I need them to be.

I've requested from the Ninjas a way to do this this in OF for iPad, effectively a way to set all projects for review today, but this would take some time to implement, even if OF feel that it's a valid addition.

How does anyone else handle this (Apart from the obvious, 'don't miss your weekly review')
I'm in the same boat as you. I review weekly, but I don't have a set day, so I may do it anytime from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

The last time I was faced with an empty review list, I had the idea to change the review period to 3 or 4 days. Since I never go to the review section mid-week, I think that might work for me.

Of course, I had the thought, but didn't do anything about it. Your message put it in my mind again though, so I'm going to give it a try.
That would work in the short term, and I may try it, but it's not as intuitive as being able to review absolutely everything now.

Thanks for the idea.
I like this as a workaround, because I COMPLETELY agree that while a certain is often the "ideal" day, life may not contain such idealism. Setting review to be every few days is a decent workaround, but how about an option to set review not for a set time period, but for a set DAY? I.E., "review every Friday"?

I'll throw it in as a feature request ;-)
I just set all my review dates for a 3 day period. Good work around I guess. I work 9 hr. days (actually 10 or 11 to be realistic), and take every other Friday off. I prefer to do my weekly reviews at the end of the work week, so one week it will be on a Friday, the next on a Thursday.

That being said, and even with scheduling my reviews on my calendar, there are many times when I can't get a proper review done on that "last" day of the week so they are done on Sunday at home. Thus, the shortest span between review days is Sun-Thurs, giving me the 3 day period that I set up for my reviews.

Thanks for making me think this through, I was getting tired of selecting each project one at a time to force a review.

Having the option to just pick a day for your review might be an option I would use. I would pick Thursday, and that way no matter when my week ends, my review would always be due - Thursday, Friday, or Sunday.
Good points and I've thought this many times.

I think what I'd like is to in effect say to OF "Review on the <Friday> closest to the review period". So, if I have something set to Review in a month then if this Friday would be inside that month then go ahead, otherwise leave it until next time. Or something like that.
I would really like to see this too. It would also be useful because I have some projects set to review daily, but I want to review everything once a week. By being able to set the day rather than the interval, I won't get lower-frequency projects mixed in with my daily reviews.

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