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I'm using OmniOutliner 2 on the iPad; I have so many outlines but the same formatting issues on most of them.

I've read the Tutorials but the tutorials do not properly explain how Styles work and I think I may be styling my Outlines wrong. I would really appreciate a better tutorial on how to style my outlines.

The issue in a nutshell is this. My Outlines are all in same font at Size 15 but I have to copy and paste information from any external app into my Outline. When I do this, pasted document does not inherit the styles in my Outline. The pasted document usually has the formatting from the original document and I cannot get it to match formatting in my outline.

I've tried so many ideas including applying the default template over again but the formatting on the pasted document does not change at all. I don't want to delete the pasted document and retype them manually.

This is how I style all my Outlines: In Styles Tab, I select "whole document", set font size to 15, set font to Avenir Next Regular, set font colour to black. In Document Tab, I set Zoom to 150%

Is this the right way to style outlines?

In addition to the problems I have with copy and pasted information not inheriting my styles, I have problems with some outlines where I have not copied or pasted information; I notice that though the font is the same in these outlines, the font size varies from Size 12 to Size 15. I have reapplied the Default Template and then restyled the outline but the font size still varies. I want them all at Size 15.

Please help me fix the formatting issues.
Trying to use theming or modifying a structural style will not override the style of the pasted text because it's the text itself that has the style characteristics. This is the same as selecting a single word and make it red. If you made that whole red green, the red word will still be red because you made a very specific change.

What you really want to do is turn off styles getting pasted with the source. To do this:
-Go to the doc picker
-Tap the gear icon in the top right
-Select Settings
-Turn off 'Paste from other apps preserves styles'

This will cause any text you paste to just paste the plain text representation of it.

To fix any existing files,:
-Select the actual text, not the row
-Open the text style inspector (the one with the 'i' icon)
-Scroll to the bottom of the inspector and tap Customize style
-Tap 'Clear Custom Style' at the bottom of that inspector. This will remove all styling on your selection.

Thanks for explaining how OmniOutliner works with Styles.

I've done as advised and turned off "paste from other apps preserves styles"; thanks for pointing it out! I went through the settings but I missed it.

I've set up a style to fix the existing pasted styles and I've managed to clean up my outlines. Except I have one small issue:

Some of the outlines I pasted were paragraphs in bullet points. The bullet point is probably an image that was pasted as well. Each Bullet Point was pasted to its own Row. I've deleted the bullet point but where the row has more than one line and is forced to wrap, I cannot fix the indent. There is a space as big as a tab but it won't delete even if I move the cursor there.

It isn't a big problem as you've fixed the bigger ones for me; just wondering if there's a solution for the indent issue.
It would be easier help you with that one if I could see the file. If this is a file you don't mind sending us, please send a copy of it to If not, you should be able to remove it with the clear styles option, but might need to have the row selected instead.

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