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Hi Omni and everyone

Q1. Can you set tasks to auto repeat on a daily, weekly, etc... basis in the alpha. I can't find a way. This seem a very fundamentally Important feature.

Q2. While were at it do we have/have we found solutions in the alpha for sometime/maybe, tickler, reference (via linking to OOutliner?)

Cheers for any thoughts
I agree that I would like to see this functionality but I would also hope to see it done right which in most programs so far it hasn't been. What I really don't want to happen is that when I create a repeating action, say "Pay Rent" repeating monthly, for a new task to pop up immediately after I check the current one.

What I mean is that if I've just paid my rent for May and I check it off in OmniFocus I don't want to have "Pay Rent" for June immediately pop up on my task list.

I would like to be able to set a time window for when the task reappears. For instance I could set the task to recur every month but not show up until 3 days before the due date.
This feature is not in the current Alpha, but we consider it very important and hope to implement it soon!
Someday / maybe items seem to be mostly taken care of already for me. I made a project called someday/maybe, and I put it "on hold". It's all captured, but doesn't show up unless I want to delve into it.

The tweak I'd like is to be able to put folders "On Hold" as well as projects.
Yep... this is an extremely important function for me as well. Just wanted to throw in my..

Thanks for your responses, I'd like to second the solution offered by Whalt above regarding a set timeframe for the new task to reappear. We need our little feelings of accomplishment and if the task immediately appears... well it just plain depress you.

Any thoughts on the tickler system and referencing (maybe via outliner). To be prefectly honest I'm a bit rusty on the GTD tickler system and why we need one - but I feel we do need one!? Any masters wish to say there pennies worth?
Originally Posted by Kelsangnorbu
To be prefectly honest I'm a bit rusty on the GTD tickler system and why we need one - but I feel we do need one!? Any masters wish to say there pennies worth?
I'm no master but the idea behind a tickler system is that once I decide on May 18 that I don't need to think about something in my inbox until August, I want a trusted system that will keep it out my sight until August and then brings it back into view. Otherwise I'm confronted all the time by tasks or projects that don't need my attention, which distracts me from those that do.

For recurring projects, Life Balance (which I used for a few years) solves the problem by allowing one to specify the frequency of recurrence (e.g., MWF or every 4 days) and the "lead time" for a task. If I have a task due every seven days with a lead time of 1 day, Life Balance would hide it from the task list after it was checked off, then start showing it again 2 days before it was next due. At 1 day from due it would change color, and when it was overdue it would turn red. It's a useful scheme. The same was true for tasks or projects that had a single due date: based on the lead time, tasks wouldn't show up in the task list until shortly before they were due.

I'd still be using Life Balance if the interface weren't so maddening.
Ethan had a nice system in Kinkless, though it was somewhat confusing. I expect Omni will take Ethan's system and improve it.

I consider OmniFocus only about 2/3 of a package right now — it's missing a lot of features Omni has said will be in the final. I'm willing to use the alpha, incomplete and slow as it is right now. It will only get better!

I can't really test out the alpha, yes I got a golden ticket :-), until this feature is implemented. I have about 2k tasks in my current system, and many of them are repeating events. Once OmniFocus has repeating events, I can begin to move all my data over and stress test the sucka'. :-o

If there is any way to get the repeating tasks sooner than later, I would vote for that priority.

Hmm... even if repeating tasks were in OmniFocus, I would be dealing with the speed issue... ah well... baby steps to the beta... baby steps to the release.

Thank you.
Originally Posted by SpiralOcean

If there is any way to get the repeating tasks sooner than later, I would vote for that priority.
I agree completely with this. I'm still living in kGTD until repeating/recurring tasks are implemented in Omnifocus.

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