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We're working to resolve issues with syncing. Meanwhile, here are some ways to reduce conflicts and data loss until we can push out those fixes.

1) Make sure your .ofocus file is smooshing properly. When all your clients are synced up, you should only have a couple .zip files in your OmniFocus.ofocus file. Follow the steps here on one Mac and sync it, choosing "Local" if you get prompted. Then resync all your other machines and choose "Server" to get the smooshed file.

2) Leave OmniFocus running on your Macs as much as possible. They create a bunch of somewhat bogus updates on launch that can cause conflicts.

3) Sync every time you start and stop using OmniFocus on a particular Mac or iPhone.
Lizard - when you say "Leave OmniFocus running on your Macs as much as possible.", do you mean that I can leave it running on my Mac (and thereby syncing once per hour even if there have been no changes), AND allow use it on the iPhone AT THE SAME TIME?
Yes. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but this is actually going to reduce the number of sync conflicts. The bug is that OmniFocus handles tasks changing state (the current time passes the start date or due date) differently if it notices on launch than if the app is running when the task becomes overdue.
Until this bug is resolved, is there anyway I can get an extra license code so I can run it on my desktop and laptop simultaneously? Right now it finds the other running copy.
As of yesterday afternoon, we believe we have this fixed. The iPhone won't get the fix until 1.0.3 is available (hopefully not long, but we're still in testing), but it should be safe again to exit and launch the desktop version as desired, assuming that you're using build 103663 or later.
I just ran the script and the OmniFocus.ofocus file stored locally (in Library/Application Support...) has been reduced down to 1 zip from about 20. However the database package on my idisk still has about 20 zips. Is that normal? The size of the idisk package is 57 kb while the size of the local database package is 36 KB.

There is also an OmniFocus~.ofocus file being stored locally.
Running the script is step 1. Then you need to sync that file up to the server and replace what the server has with your local file. Then your server file will also be down to 1 zip file (and 1 client file).
I have hundreds of zip files my iDisk Documents folder. Can you clarify:

So that's bad?
Something about running a script. You do want me to run a script to rectify that problem?
If so, where's that script?
Can you provide a unified overview on what to do about this problem? Having trouble following the various threads on this. Step 1,2,3 would be great!

Thanks in advance!
Hundreds of zip files are not inherently bad, but they generally lead to severe performance issues while syncing.

Unified overview:
Sync all your desktop computers, then run the attached applescript on whichever one has the most up-to-date info.
(You can run an applescript by opening the "Script Editor" application, opening the script file, and pressing the "Run" button.)
Next, open up your iDisk (or whatever location you're storing your sync database in) and rename its copy of the OmniFocus database to "OmniFocus-Old".
Do a sync from the machine that you ran the applescript on.
Launch OmniFocus on your phone and start a sync; when asked whether to use the 'local' or 'server' copy, choose 'server'.

Your syncs should now take a reasonable amount of time again.

If you are syncing more than 2 machines (Macs, iPhones, or a mix), you may want to check for a buildup of zip files periodically (once a week?), and run through the steps again if needed.
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can't get OF desktop started at all!

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