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can I just see what’s currently due? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by tokyowagon View Post
I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed by rmathes. The ability to see only what is due today and nothing else is an obvious feature who's ommission seems rather strange.
I don't get it. Why not set the view bar filter to group and sort by due date? That shows what's due today, what's overdue, and what's coming up down the line. Anything you don't want to see, just collapse. If you save the view as a perspective, it'll remember the expanded/collapsed state of each section.

This seems just about perfect to me. I don't see the problem, and certainly no "obvious omissions".
I, too, agree strongly with rmathes. I read this thread today because I bought OF a few weeks ago, and have continued to be frustrated by my inability to get it to Focus on Today or get some sort of Today view as described above. Otherwise I love this application.

I was hoping that by the time I got to the end of the thread I would see changes have been made, but evidently not yet. Should I submit an email feature request?
I have made two special perspectives:
* Urgent: Grouped by due date and status "due soon"; today and older group header expanded, future headers collapsed
* Priority/Today: Grouped by context, status "available", sorted by Due, flagged is true

First thing in the morning I check Urgent. There I have a list with all the things due today. I flag anything in Urgent I have to do today (normaly all, but imo it's nice to do a short review of them, sometimes due date has moved since last review etc., I also try to give a duration if possible).

Secondly I make a quick review of the other stuff in the main view and flag some actions (often whole projects) which are not due, but I want to give special attention to today.

Thirdly I go into my Today view. Now there I have all my due today items on top of each context with my other today stuff. If I feel lucky I set a few durations and then start working.

Works well so far.
Originally Posted by Toadling View Post
This seems just about perfect to me. I don't see the problem, and certainly no "obvious omissions".
Like Toadling, I don't see the problem. And at the risk of sounding like a zealot: if you have more than a few things on your "due today" list, you may have a bigger problem. In some jobs, you're handed stuff that is due immediately, or nearly so, and you don't have a choice. But if you don't have one of those jobs, then having a long list of things due today might indicate that you have a problem with procrastination.

I know I do, and one thing that I've found helpful about OmniFocus is that its "due soon" category helps me focus my attention on what I need to get done before it becomes urgent. That, and regular reviews, have helped me tame my tendency to procrastinate.
You can easily use the review mechanism in OF as a do today list.
Everything that you won't do today you simply mark as reviewed. Left is all the stuff that you need to attend to.

Only problem with this approach is if you rely heavily on single-action-lists or often break down projects into sub groups (one must not think of action groups as sub projects). Individual tasks cannot be reviewed on their own. But this will work well for some...
It is probably mentioned elsewhere in this thread (and certainly in other threads), but you can use the Flagged/Unflagged field and one or more custom filters to setup a hot list of tasks that demand immediate action. I recommend setting up such filtered views for both Planning and Context modes . . . as you are likely going to be bouncing back and forth between the two if you are highly project focused at work.

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