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Feature Request - Upgrade from Task to Project in Context View Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I would like to be able to grab a task while working in Context View and drag it out a notch to turn it into a project, just like you can in the Inbox.

Here's my logic: I'm trying to plan in Project View and do in Context View. So when I've cleaned out my inbox, there are some single action tasks that don't have a project - and after I've cleaned up, I can't see them in Project View.

This is good - if I don't have to plan how I'm going to do them, I don't want them in my planning space, cluttering it up.

But working out of Context View, I occasionally realize something is going to end up a project after all, and I grab them and try to drag them out a level to make a project out of them (like in the Inbox), but I can't do it.

It just feels like I should be able to upgrade a task to a project this way. In both Project and Context view you can change the project of a given task. But you can only upgrade a task to a project in Project View, and you can't see solo tasks in Project View, so you can't upgrade them without putting them back in your inbox.

I don't seem to have any reasonable way to convert a singleton task to a project once it's left the inbox, since it's only visible in the context view, and there's no way (AFAIK) to promote a task to project status in that view. The only workaround I've found is to use the task's project field to assign it to some (any) existing project, then use the "show in project view" command to select it in project view, and then drag (or keyboard-promote) it to an appropriate location in the project folders hierarchy. Clumsy.

I think some kind of "Promote to project" menu item is definitely in order.

Thanks for listening,
I would also like to see this added .
Yep, I'd like to see that as well.

I suppose this is maybe a reason that Omni want to add display of single tasks in Project view, but I think having a "Promote to project" command is more elegant.
Recent builds let you enter a new project for the singleton in Context view and press Cmd-return to create the project. That's simple, consistent, and doesn't require a special-case command.

Thanks for the heads-up, Curt. Good catch!
Except that not being able to promote a task in context view is inconsistent behavior - you can outdent a task to make it a project everywhere else in OF.

Being able to type a new project name and hit Cmd-Enter to create the project is nice, consistent behavior... but it's not useful enough that I noticed when it broke.

If I realize that a task should be a project, I want to be able to outdent it to one like I can everywhere else in the application. Assigning it a "new" project in context and then going over to project to delete the now extraneous task and add new ones is clumsy.

And this is where I think the twinning function from Kinkless could really shine - imagine if you could promote a task to a project, and it twinned to a new window that was focused on the new project and ready for you to add tasks?
I should probably feel guilty for the me too type post, but I want to give GeekLady's suggestions a strong second.

I've only just decided to make the real leap to OF from kGTD. This problem was one of the first I ran into. In general, it seems that the context view is less featureful than the project view, which is unfortunate because I spend the vast majority of my time in the context view and would like to be able to work from there.

One other suggestion: when adding an item to a project from the context menu, while projects are grouped, the new item should default to the current context. Right now that doesn't seem to be the case (well, there's a bug preventing me from adding lines at all, but that's another story, and one I've submitted a report on, BTW).
yes me too .. that's what I"m looking for also ..
I think Ethan had that concept right with "twins "

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