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Hi all !
I am a very happy OF user...and just found out that my database size was about 6.5MB for 134 projects 348 tasks and 217 zip files.
Few days ago i rebuild the DB (no effect at all) and then exported and re-imported that DB...
The new one was less than 100ko, which is great to spedd up the sync with my ipod touch.
Yesterday the DB was still less thant 100k and this morning it's growing to 1,1MB...
I sync OF thru "Bonjour" with my ipod touch and sync it also with iCal (which is then sync to my blackberry).
No tasks are ever inputed in iCal or blackberry.
I mainly input task directly in OF or i send a mail to my which is directly transfered from Mail App to OF.
There is no music, large pdf or whatever...only emails converted to tasks (subject of the mail = task, no text in the body of the mail) and regular tasks.
Any way to maintain the database to a "normal" size ?
Thank you very much for the great software.
This is related to the number of changes on machines that have not been "merged" across devices.

OmniFocus has each change as a separate file. The minimum file size on Mac OS X is, I believe, 4 KB. So if you have 250 unmerged changes, it will take up 1 MB of disk space. When these changes are merged, they may altogether take up maybe 4-5KB of space. So you'll see it compress by 1 MB when stuff is merged.

Key is to synchronize all devices that sync on a regular basis. Other than that, I don't see anything abnormal.
Thanks for your reply,
In fact i do sync iCalat least twice a day and same for ipod touch.
May be i don't do it the right way:
1/for iCal,i use the sync icon (upper right side of OF pane)
2/ for ipod touch, it either does it automaticly or ipress the sync icon on the ipod itself.
Is that the way it should be done ?
What i understand is that i should sync more often, but the more i sync, the bigger the database grows...
I probably missed some important step in the sync process...?
Thank you again,
It sounds like you have a stale client that's not syncing. Try going to OmniFocus' sync preference pane and clicking the "show clients" button. Are all the clients listed there valid and have they synced recently?

OmniFocus retains all the transactions until all your clients have synced. If you have a stale client that rarely or never syncs, your transactions will continue to pile up. The solutions is to either sync or simply unregister the stale client.

In the v1.8 sneaky peek, OmniFocus will automatically unregister stale clients (those that haven't synced in over 3 weeks). But this functionality isn't in the official release yet.

Hope this helps.

Ok, i'm back online...

In fact, in perf pane / sync, i do have 2 lines:
"Mac Book Pro de raphael" (my mac, the only computer which runs OF)
"ipod de raphael" (my ipod touch).
Both lines shows a sync less than 2 hours.

I can easily sync OF with iCal, however, on the ipod it often does not sync and i have to restart OF to make it work....

I'll try to sync every 2 hours or so and will keep you posted.

Raphael - I'm sorry for the trouble this is causing! I'm not sure exactly what's happening, but we'd love to look into this. Syncing every 2 hours shouldn't be necessary.

Could you email the support ninjas so we can investigate this with you?
Dear Ninja's !
I tryed the following (following your email advice):

On the Mac's copy of OmniFocus, open the Preferences menu, and click on the Sync tab. Click on the Clients button, and unregister all clients in that list (don't worry, they'll automatically re-register themselves on the next sync)

Now, run a sync on the Mac- this should compact the database on your sync server. Then, head over to another copy of the iPhone and sync. You should see an improvement in performance.

The database size remain in the 1,5MB area (however, it came down to 450k 2 weeks ago).

On the iphone, i can se 140 projetcs, 459 actions and 1 zip file.

I will continue synchronizing and will keep you posted on the DB size.

Thx again for your support


If you're showing 1 zip file, then OF has successfully compacted your database. My guess would be that the large database size is due to attachments.

You can view a list of all the attachments in your database by choosing the Window → Attachment List menu item. In the attachment list window you can click on the Size column heading to sort by size. That should let you check whether you have an oversized attachment eating up space.

When I checked out these instructions on my database just now, I found an 8MB attachment embedded in an email that I had clipped into OF. Despite that large attachment, my sync speeds were still fine, because OF is smart enough to only sync changes. So, database size is less important than the number of zip files.

Thx Curt,

3 attachements...about 100k each.
I deleted the attachement but still no success.

The database size is not due to the attachement.

Any other idea.

I synced, deleted all clients (my mac + 1 ipod touch). then rebuild and no changes.

I must have missed something...

Any other idea ?

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