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How to apply styling to levels? [A: See thread.] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I have been playing with omnioutliner for ipad and love it.I canít figure this out

How can you apply styles to specific levels?. I can appy a style to each individual lines but how do you apply a style to a specific level (i.e so it will be applied to all items at that level).
This is something I cannot figure out either. I can apply a style into a row that I select, but how to make your Outline to automatically apply certain style into every parent item, or child item for example? It is a bit workful to apply these styles manually to each individual row.

I seem to be able to do automatical only to Title and Notes sections, but how to apply changes to every Parent and Child row?

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Take a look at the "Level Styles" sample document for an example of this. What you want to do is create named style for each row level you want (Tool menu > Styles tab). In that sample document there's ones for Level 1-4.

Once those are made, tap on the 'Whole Document' entry in styles tab and scroll down to where is says "Top-level rows". Set that to be the level 1 style. Now go to the level 1 style details and scroll down to 'Children's style'. Set that to be level 2. Continue that for each row level you need.

So beyond specifying the style of the named style, you can also have it set what the style will be for the following or its children rows.

Is that clear? Let me know if you have anymore questions!
Edit: Thanks Derek for your answer! (I was posting this at the same time as you)

I figured this out now. A way to change Parent - Child (one level) styles automated in each case:

a) Press the parent item that you want to change style

b) Press the Tool button in the upper right screen and then Styles Tab

c) Press Heading 1 and put the settings you like

d) Scroll down the Heading 1 menu and press Children's style button, and you can define the style of the children item.

e) Scroll down the Heading 1 menu and press Next peer's style to define the style of the next parent item.


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Originally Posted by DerekM View Post
Is that clear? Let me know if you have anymore questions!
I bump this up because I wonder if anyone has problems with automatic styles when editing a document using both OO for Mac and for iPad. It does not work for me. Automatic styling created on my iPad ceases to work if I transfer the document on my Mac...
Yes, I'd like to know as well. I'd like to know if Named Styles, created on my Mac OO, will carry over when I open the document on my iPad.

I would love to continue working on my OmniOutliner project, created on the Mac, on my iPad. It's a big project with deadlines, so I would love to be able to continue working on it on my iPad rather than having to carry my heavy laptop everywhere.
This was very helpful! Thank you.

I have another question though. I want to do a 5 "character" space after my Harvard oultine before the test begins for example:

I. Twas the night before....

A. <---Another 5 spaces

1. <---and yet another

Is there any way to "style this" so I don't have to keep hitting the space bar? :eek:

You can set the suffix for the row number in the Row:Numbering inspector. Unfortunately for you, it needs to be set individually for each different level.
i think it was written somewhere that the style stuff is not 100% compatible between OOiP and OO because it's a new way to do it on OOiP that has not been implemented in the current OO for the Mac but will be in the upcoming new version.

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