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View Poll Results: Do you actually use OF on a regular basis?
Yep, 6+ months! :) 40 76.92%
Yep, 3-6 months. 2 3.85%
Yep, 1-3 months. 6 11.54%
Kinda-sorta; just getting started. :| 2 3.85%
Nope, but keep trying it. 2 3.85%
Nope, not yet. 0 0%
Nope, tried but gave up! :( 0 0%
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I'm under the impression that a very significant number of purchasers try software but don't use it for very long unless there life literally requires it (eg for their jobs). I'm curious to hear from folks who have and still do actually use OF on a regular basis (for at least 6 months) to manage the majority of their tasks.
Originally Posted by dancingbrook View Post
I'm under the impression that a very significant number of purchasers try software but don't use it for very long unless there life literally requires it (eg for their jobs). I'm curious to hear from folks who have and still do actually use OF on a regular basis (for at least 6 months) to manage the majority of their tasks.
I have been using OF for about two years now. I started with it on my iPhone.

Last summer I bought my first Mac and put OF on that. I also started to learn and use GTD. "Unfortunately" (??? ... not really) I became very happy with the capabilities and looks of OF on my Mac and not so happy trying to use it through the small interface on my iPhone. Since I am forced to use a PC at work I kept my home tasks in OF and switched to ToDo for work since it is cloud based and could also be used on my iPhone. I grew unhappy with that since it lacks the power of OF. I switched to a few other things to try them out and was just never happy. I even bought Daylite and Daylite Touch ($250 down the drain by the time I was done with DT) but once again wasn't happy with the task management (loved all the integration though). Then the iPad came out, OF still didn't have an iPad specific app yet so I switched over to Things. Once again..... not happy. So now I'm running OF as full screen through the hack on my iPad, OF on my iPhone, and OF on my Mac - all tasks and projects for both work and home, and am perfectly happy. Keep in mind that I ran OF for my home projects all through this process. As for my work PC, hardly use it now that I have my iPad.
It might be helpful to create a poll on this thread.
I've been using OF since Feb of 2009, so about 18 months. I liked it so much, that I purchased a MacBook so I could use it on my job which is an all Windows shop. And of course I use it on my iPhone as well. John
I am a lazy grad student. After trying many including Things, I ended up with OF. It has been only months but I am satisfied. OF handls the complexity of life, I guess. I can split my to-dos into small steps with OF. I will post again if I am still using it after a year or so. :-)

I wonder how much is sticking with what we are used to? We have a hard time switching due to changes in interface and missing desired features.

I chose OF over others due to nesting projects/tasks, but still find myself overloading the app (like my brain with 100s of tasks and ideas, and too many projects). The idea of LifeBalance is a great one though implementation (interface) of the app leaves a lot to be desired.

I agree it would be very good and wise to have an online capability, so we can access @work from work, for those who don't get to use a Mac everywhere.

I get the issue with the small iPhone interface; I see the iPhone app as simply a more portable and convenient (even if tiny) interface, for when it's not easy to use the Mac.

I only wish the syncs were automated more often (as Address Book and iCal is).

Last edited by dancingbrook; 2010-06-01 at 11:33 AM..
Your poll and the responses here probably aren't going to give you accurate results since the people reading the forums are probably people who regularly use the software.

I've been using it on the Mac since the original sneaky peak previews and on my iPhone since it was available. I had just started reading about GTD before it came out (and briefly used kGTD with OmniOutliner) before OmniFocus came out. If you're the kind of person who likes the GTD concept (being certain you've captured everything you need to do and can see what needs to be done), I think you'll stick with it.
We use it daily @ work for our design tasks. So far so good. :)
I'd use PersonalBrain or another mindmapping program to do some longer-term stuff like Goals, Visions, and Roles as the GTD book states it.

Then I'd start looking at my mindmap and then figure out what projects and tasks can be placed into OmniFocus.

An important part of OmniFocus and GTD is using the weekly review perspective to seriously edit out stuff that no longer is important to you. I'd do a "Spring Cleaning" and just viciously go through all those stalled projects and see which ones are really important to me or which projects would actually bring real value to me. What was once a great idea when I first brainstormed about it no longer brings value to me. So I'd delete it from my OmniFocus list. Sure I'd like to climb Mt. Saint Everest or start a comic book collection that reminds me of my childhood but those project don't hold as much value to me as spending time with my kids or renovating the house. It would be nice to do go mountain climbing or build a comic book collection but my priorities (based on my mindmap) steers me in another direction and gives me permission to either put a project on hold or just delete it.

Otherwise you'll just be collected all these projects that you want to do but you'll never get around to it.
I had heard about Omnifocus when it was in alpha so started using it the day it was available. Same with the iPhone version. I use it everyday.

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