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Using Action Groups on iPhone a bad idea? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
On my mac I sometimes group actions together within a project - however the title of these actions usually have meaning only when you can see the parent action. For example

Project: Prepare IT Budget
Action: Price new network switch
Children: - email Scott for price
- put price into spreadsheet

(I just made these up quickly so don't get all GTD on me)

The problem is - when I go to the iPhone and look, say for a flagged item - I see "email Scott for price", but I can't find a way to see the parent action that gives it a better context (price of what?)

I am trying to avoid for sakes of efficiency having to basically include the name of the parent action in every child action.

In the end I have gotten rid of nearly all my action groups and made them projects so that I can follow them better on the iPhone, but I think there is still valid a place for action groups, if only there was a way to move up the hierarchy.

An analogy in the Macintosh finder is where you are looking at an open folder window and you hit <Apple - up arrow> and it opens the enclosing folder. I'd love a way in OF for iPhone to "Show Parent"
Yes, I am waiting for that feature also
I really want this feature as well. I make extensive use of hierarchies. They are one of the primary reasons I chose OmniFocus. However they seem to not be implemented in the iPhone App.

Is there any plan here?
My bad - this is implemented now.

There doesn't seem to be a way to add a child to a task that does not already have children though, unless I am missing something. Is that possible?
Is there a way to add a child action to an action that has no children, making the parent into an action group?

I often want to create a hierarchical structure like this:

-Learn to Cook
-- Sign up for cooking course

This type of hierarchy is a technique I particularly like that has it's roots in LifeBalance. (No, I do not want to make Learn to Cook into a project)

If Learn to Cook already has a child, I can add another in the iPhone, but I can't find a way if it does not already have one.
Yes, you just add another action under the original, then edit and refile it. After you do one, you can simply add any other actions directly to the action group.

Here we've got the "learn to cook" project with one action present, and we'd like to convert that action to be an action group:

Add the first action we'd like to add to the action group:

Now edit that action:

Once editing that action, click the re-file button at the bottom right:
(Seems like I used to be able to attach more than 4 images to a forum post, oh well)

Now the refiled action is part of the new action group, as evidenced by the "back" button at the upper left:

And further actions can be created directly in the new action group by tapping the + button:

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