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I bought my first Mac ten years ago, a Cube running 10.0. I was not new to Apple - I had owned a IIc in the eighties - but I was new to the Mac and switching from Windows NT and Opera, I discovered Omniweb. It was one of the apps that helped me move away from Windows. So I bought a license.

Since then I have tried all kinds of alternate browsers, but I have always returned to Omniweb. What I especially liked were Omniweb's options to filter out banners and freeze animations, which turned the web from a visual roller-coaster ride into something I could use. And it is simply the most Mac-like browser.

It is by far the most used piece of software on my Mac, and from managing my finances to writing study notes, it all happens in Omniweb, every day, for ten years. I know Omniweb is for free these days, but if I calculate the cost per hour of use for that ten year old license, well, nothing in the world is that cheap, I think.

So, a big thank you for a pleasurable experience, and please continue developing Omniweb, for Mac, and hopefully someday, iOS.
Thanks, Superp - always great to hear these kinds of comments! (Ah, the cube... what a nice machine. Not without it's flaws, but still, very nice.)

Nice reminder. That really takes me back. I stumbled upon OW when 10.0 was out, too, and I wanted a browser that really gave me that OS X experience (IE 5 certainly didn't). The custom rendering engine was awesome, what with it's multithreadedness. When I upgraded to a screamin' Power Mac G4 dual 867 MHz, having that was great.

I'm still a faithful OW user to this day, and have even managed to convert some of my friends. I bought a few licenses way back when (4.something and 5.0), and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. It was also a great intro to the wonderful world of Omni, and lead me to buy OmniPlan and get my lab to buy OmniGraffle.

Keep up the good work. As long as you're developing, I'll be using.
I've been using OmniWeb since version 1.0 back in 1995 on the NeXT pizza-box I had at work. It was incredible how slow things were back then (each image would start out as an icon with a movie film-like spinning counter) but with 1.1 it started working much better. When I bought my first home Mac back in 2000 I downloaded OW as soon as the first OSX version was released and I've stuck with it ever since. No other browser gives me the flexibility of OmniWeb and I hope that it sticks around for a long time.
Indeed. I've been using OmniWeb since version 4.5, and still nothing matches its flexibility and power. Would I love to see version 6? Oh yes. I would love to see version 6. But I'm still getting a great deal of pleasure out of using 5.11 very day. So thanks, guys!
Originally Posted by TimmyDee View Post
I bought a few licenses way back when (4.something and 5.0), and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. It was also a great intro to the wonderful world of Omni, and lead me to buy OmniPlan and get my lab to buy OmniGraffle.

Keep up the good work. As long as you're developing, I'll be using.
Amen! With so many users willing and able to pay for OmniWeb again (even those of us who have paid for it more than once in the past), why not release a for-pay version and continue to actively develop that version alongside the free version, with much fewer options (much as Postbox did, prior to the cancellation of the free version outright). I also agree that a cutting-edge web browser is an outstanding gateway into the world of "more profitable" Omni products that many customers might not have heard about or come across otherwise.

Just my two cents. I'm sure you've heard it all before, but it keeps coming up again and again on these forums, so there are MANY of us who would GLADLY pay for OW again (and again) in order to keep this outstanding browser alive.

P.S. How close are we to the promised 64-bit version?

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Shortly after OS X 10.0 were released I found out about and downloaded OmniWeb 4.?. I paid for version 4 and again later for version 5. I would gladly pay for version 6, but my biggest hope is on OmniGroup someday release the source code as free software. If OmniWeb would really take of as FOSS, it would create a new higher level of buzz around OmniGroup and it's OmniApp's.

It is, for me at least, a bit strange that OmniWeb has not gained more buzz than it has up to today. OmniWeb has the potential to be one of the bigger browsers market share wise. It is good enough to compete with any or all of the other web browsers. As of now I think the current state is far from ideal. A damn good browser used by a few and held on to by it's developer, and given away with a hard to see profit plan? The thing is, I think it would be just as much PR for OmniGroup as it is now, if it's source code were released and licensed as free. But it would probably gain a whole lot more interest, by devs and by users. It could get a lot of buzz. Yet it would always be thought of as OmniGroup stuff. The difference could be a whole lot of people would hear about it and it might end up being embraced by community development and could get a healthy roadmap? If OmniWeb has been a sales point for Mac as a platform in the past, todays market is a a bit different. We now has so many more users and Apple is gaining in on the the other. quarter by quarter, for some years now. This has created a much bigger playground. I is today you wan't to become known as a killer software provider for the Mac. And web browsers reach almost any and everyone out there. If it becomes somewhat popular.

This is of course OmniBoard's thing to make decisions about and I am very happy with OmniWeb today. It's just that something good, or even the best as in this case, sometimes has the potential to grow into something much better. If this is the case with my FOSS hypothesis, it is a bit of waste to not go for it. Of course, my view it is far from the only view on this. For natural reasons there is a lot of uncertainty involved in this. There should also be much more skeptical views upon my success scenario. A FOSS move should ideally be done with a FOSS mindset. Fear, ambivalens and a pure business goal is not ideal. Some form of community ideals behind such a project would be needed to really match the community in an optimal fashion.

Another way to speculate about it is to consider the worst case outcome scenario. A fork with a new name that doesn't begins with Omni. The risk for this to happen is heavily dependent on how OmniGroup would handle things. Another O-named company effectively lost it's control of its newly purchased company's Office suite and probably has lost a whole lot of community resources in other projects by being stupidly non compatible with the community. But the good thing, it is all a matter of choice!

Perhaps I'm just in love with this piece of software and fool myself into producing some overly optimistically dream that won't be, perhaps because even the best effort would not lead to such a good result? Love and money can make people become blind and unable to see realty for what it is? Yes, that might just be the case :) ... or not?
I wanted to add my name to the list of appreciation having discovered OmniWeb at about OS X 10.2 and I've never really used anything else. I love the fine grained control that it gives.

I try Safari from time to time - it's very fast but little more so than OW in the real world and it feels like Apple paid too much attention to the paintwork whereas Omni has attended to the engine.

As long as it works with the web sites I use day in day out then I'll stick with it.

Kudos to all. :)

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