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What's the best replacement for calendar syncing? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
heya guys! would love to see the due dated tasks integrated in iCal with a little more detail (iPad Version). This means that an estimated eg an end time would be needed. So the tasks will show up in the calender for example: 16:30 - 18:00 and not just a standard half hour for each task.
Also,in the forecast view on the iPad, in the later tab there would Be Nice to see a summary for the ongoing week so that you can See the whole week in a glance and decide when there will Be Time for some more things to do, without switching from Tab to Tab and keeping them in your Head.
But especially since the tasks in the forecast Show up with their due Time its an awesome feature. And, I think with omnifocus a calender is only needed for Professional sellers and, that's Not for sho.
Originally Posted by micamou View Post
Is there a public API to access OF's actions from another app? Maybe I could write to the "alarms" developer as well ?
Ooh, now there's an idea! Omni guys, are you listening? ☺
Originally Posted by micamou View Post
Is there a public API to access OF's actions from another app?
There certainly is! Every attribute of the OmniFocus database should be exposed through our AppleScript interface—which is available through AppleScript itself, of course, but also any language which easily bridges to AppleScript (including Objective C, python, and ruby). This is how we wrote our first iPhone web interface during the OmniFocus beta (before there was a native iPhone SDK).

We've included several sample scripts inside the OmniFocus app itself, in For example, there's a "Publish to iCal" script in there which seems particularly relevant to this thread.

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Random thought from someone not using calendar sync in any way: if Quick Entry in OF (or any entry in OF for that matter) recognized a task with a scheduled "do" date, and was able to automatically move it to calendar app, that would be sweet for my particular workflow. This is one of the few features I miss from reQall: the ability to have one unified task entry system, but preservation of the calendar/task list separation.
OF is great, but it doesn't do EVERYTHING. I love Toodledo's extra tracking options, particularly two levels of goals that can be associated with a task. I can get info to Toodledo (online) by syncing OF to iCal, iCal to Appigo's ToDo, and then ToDo to Toodledo. Is it worth it? Not really. I'd love an easier way.

Sometimes, I'll sync up THINGS (via iCal) just to get another view of the tasks.

And sometimes it is nice to see tasks on an actual calendar. iCal won't show them on the grid, but BusyCal and SOHO Organizer both will. Mark Forster's latest Autofocus system calls for each task to have an "expiration" date. Seeing these on the grid gives a great overview.
Originally Posted by jarrodjob View Post
My 2 Cents:
1. Code OmniCal :) to play nice with others. Use the same syncing engines in Focus.
2. Or simply build it into Focus.

Love what you guys are doing.

I'm all for it. OmniFocus is my preferred app of this source, but lately I've been considering a move from OF and OmniPlan to SharedPlan Pro instead. One reason is the integrated calendar.
Calendar view is useful when a task that's part of a OF project really does have a must-do date.

"Prepare for concert" is an OF Project with lots of little tasks. "Pick up tuxedo from tailor" must be done Wednesday at 2:00, but is still part of the project.

Anyone remember "In Control"? The task list was an outline, but there was a calendar to the side. Any task could be dragged to the calendar. All very pre-GTD, but I remember loving it.
I have been singularly unsuccessful at any syncing solution. Basically, I wanted to used Omnifocus to save time and fooling with syncing takes too much time. I gave up.

Here are some suggestions that would help me:

A view in Omnifocus that shows OF tasks and calendar events in one view. I would like to be able to edit both right there in that view.

Ability to do the same on a webpage.

Not sure how to do that but those two things would solve lots of issues for me.

One more thing I would like.
I would like to be able to be able to view/edit in an OF that shows tasks related to people in my address book. In other words I would like to be able to focus on a person and tasks related to him/her whether they are delegated to them or tasks are just related to them. While I am dreaming I would like to be able to do the same with a group of contacts. Thanks
Could you just make syncing to my MobileMe Calendar work?

Yes I know this is a double post for the request ;^) but I am just upset since I have to use Things now for this delegation workflow ;^( It sees the MobileME calendars just fine...

This is my workflow:
. 4 Team Members @Contexts
. 5 Calendars (4 for them and 1 for all of us)
. Share 5 Calendars on MobileME
. Email each Team Member a link to their Shared Calendar
. Sync Things @Contexts to appropriate Calendar(s)
. Team Members receive Email Task Notifications
. Review new Tasks via Anxiety or iCal ToDo Panel (Anxiety is much nicer)
. Team Members can add notes or complete Tasks
. I receive Email notifications when Tasks are changed or completed
. Team Members can add new Tasks and I see them in my Things Next and then categorize them accordingly
. Completed Tasks are Logged in Things
. Rinse and repeat to GTD2CYA

This workflow is pretty fluid and I would really like to apply it in OF.


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I used to use the sync with iCal feature to get my due soon tasks into google calendar, so that I could use google calendar's agenda/notification emails to let me know what I had coming up today, without having to even open OmniFocus.

I did this in a rather convoluted way:
  • Use OF to publish to my reminders to MobileMe
  • Use MobileMe iDisk to share my calendar - I was fine with the inherent security risk of this!!! I should note that I only had to do this because Google Calendar can't deal with authenticated calendar feeds
  • Paste that URL into Google Calendar so I could subscribe to it

Unfortunately this stopped working for some reason (I think it was an issue on the Google side) and also I'm currently trialling syncing with Spootnik.


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