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As far as I can currently tell, I just can't use omniplan in a natural way (for me and my coworkers).

Generally, the way we work is:
1) we generate a list of tasks (with groups),
2) we want to assign a duration to the tasks (more often the groups
[[Here we die because group duration is derived from task; we've been bit by moving something with out a duration to a subtask of an task with a duration, we lose the duration. Our current workaround is to pop in a milestone at the end date :(]]
3) figure out what the duration should be for each task
4) figure out who does which task
5) decide how much effort they need to devote to each task

This just doesn't work. If we struggly get the duration and efforts right, it presumes 100% effort. But we *know* it's not 100% but if we say 50% then the duration goes say from 3 months to 6 months :(

Is there anyway to do our preferred workflow?

By default, tasks have fixed effort and variable duration. In the task: information inspector, you can click the little people silhouette to switch that. Then duration will be left alone and effort will be adjusted as people are added or removed from the task.
(You can select all the tasks in your project and then click the icon to change them all at once.)

There's a help topic in OmniPlan called 'Duration versus effort' which addresses this in more detail.
For projects that I'm tracking at a high level, how do I vary effort over time? For example, if I have a person who is working on a task for 2 months, 40% the first month and 80% the second, how do I show this varying effort over time.

I'd rather not create multiple tasks (one for each time period x with given effort y). This would become unwieldy in pretty short order, especially since I'd like to include a baseline for "maintenance of business" that varies from month to month in perpetua.

Is this possible in OmniPlan?
Thanks! I have the same question as msw70...We have a lot of tasks for which effort varies over the duration of the task. We've started doing subtasks to capture that, but it's not so nice (esp. as I can't yet figure out how to print/export just the "top level" view)
Varying the effort over the duration of a task is not possible at the moment but it is a feature request in our database. For now, the only solution is to create sub-tasks for every time the amount of effort needs to change.

Is there some way to make the print or export only export down to a certain level of granularity?

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