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Im a new user of OF on the IPad and loving it. I used to use Remember the Milk but the review and forecast tools in OF are so good I've migrated. I've contacted Omni to suggest incorporating more priorities than flagged / not flagged, but one problem I can't get over is the fact that my company work environment is totally MS / Blackberry.

When I was using RTM, I could just send my account an email and next time I logged in, there it was in the inbox as an action for processing. I know mac users can just clip email into OF as an action, but has anyone found a good way to quickly get information from either outlook or blackberry into OF?

For now, I'm just using the RTM inbox as I used to and copying the information across during my commute, but it is a bit painful and doesn't really chime with improving my productivity. I've written a suggestion to Omni to use the same sort of idea to email the Omni server sync account, but that will take a while, if ever, for them to get to.

Believe me, if I could persuade work to move to IOS I would, but for the time being, me and I guess thousands of others are chained in MS slavery.

Any bright ideas gratefully received.
I'd second that request. Ideally, having an OF extension for Firefox or Chrome would be helpful, so that you can grab a web snippet or URL and send directly to your OF synced data on the sync server or your private webdav server.

However, an easier approach might be to simply allow OF to monitor an email address directly. Then an alternative front end (ie, web-based) can just capture data as XML and push it to an email address, and then OF would pick up the XML data at each sync, and remove the email once it's merged.
Right now the solution is to use the service. You send an email to that address with the subject line being the name of the action, and the body being the contents of the note. A few seconds later you get back a response which is populated with some links. Click on the Send to OmniFocus link included and it launches OmniFocus and populates the quick entry window for you. When I do my initial scan of forum posts while attempting to awaken, anything that requires more than a few seconds gets routed through this for processing at the Mac, so here's what I got for this post:


Mac Quick Entry:

iPad Quick Entry:

You have to send the email from an account which you can read on your iPad, or forward the message from the Omni server to such an account.

It isn't perfect, and you can't use it to get attachments into the program, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye :-)
That's a great workaround - works a treat. I can live with documents etc sitting in my work environment or Dropbox rather than being able to totally integrate with OF and this is a simple way of capturing actions. OF just needs to sort smart tags for the emails now to pre-populate the context, project, due date, priority etc and it will be truly world dominating!
Originally Posted by Ezzaviking View Post
OF just needs to sort smart tags for the emails now to pre-populate the context, project, due date, priority etc and it will be truly world dominating!
I just filed a feature request on your behalf, suggesting we teach send-to-omnifocus the same syntax that the Mac app uses for parsing emails it gets via the Mail rule.

For example:

-- Action
Note note note note note la la la
note la la
-- Another Action > Project 2 @ Context 3
-- Action 3 > Project 1 @ Context 1 // Same-line notes too, if you are into that kind of thing
-- Action 4 #friday // Due Friday, because I only entered one date
-- Action 5 #monday #friday // Starts Monday; due Friday.
-- Action 6 #monday # // Starts Monday; no due date.
-- Action 7 :: Project 3 // Written on my iPhone; colons work in place of greater-than sign.

--Action8>p2@c2#2d$5m//no spaces needed, nor full names
Thanks Lizard. For now the send-to-OmniFocus is working ok. I can control-shift-m from anywhere in outlook, type in my short-code of OMF for the address, set my task in the subject line and then I filter the replies to an @omni folder which I can batch process later when I'm on my iPad.

Much better than copying across from RTM. Your smart-tag style syntax would be a step forward too.

Great forum guys - really helpful. Thanks again.

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