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First let me say thanks to Derek and Ken for your thoughtful replies. I know full well that you can't please everyone all the time and we as consumers don't know how hard it is to meet Mac expectations on a iPhone. Kudos for the work you did on OmniFocus!

Managing expectations is tough. Like it or not, my expectation was raised simply by this thread. I wrongly thought -- they wouldn't be asking in a public forum for input into software that they were pretty sure they'd develop. To use a simple word picture, it would be like me asking my children, "If you could have ice cream, what favor would you like -- of course they'd think ice cream was coming!"

So again, thank you for managing our expectations and clarifying that OO for iPhone is still possible but not in development and not promised.

I do hope that you got some good input as to features -- if I were to summarize how I read this thread it would be that we ALL would LOVE to have a luxury, full featured model but would be happy with a stripped down, plain Jane version as long as it synced with the OO on our Mac's.

What you may not have expected is the PASSION with which we value you and your products -- especially OO. We don't use OO because it's the only thing on the market -- we use it because we think it's the BEST outliner for Mac (or any other platform) on the market!

It is because of this genuine PASSION that I would again like to strongly encourage you to make OO for the iPhone a HIGH priority (OK -- after OO4 and iPad version)! We are loyal partners and your strongest advocates. We want to tell our friends about how efficient and effective OO makes us.

So I close by asking this question -- what can we do to persuade you to make OO for the iPhone a reality?

••• I encourage those who following this thread to chime in. There has been more than enough input on what to include or not include on OO for the iPhone. Share how you use OO on the Mac and how/why OO for iPhone would enhance your professional and personal life!
Originally Posted by wpitman View Post
To use a simple word picture, it would be like me asking my children, "If you could have ice cream, what flavor would you like -- of course they'd think ice cream was coming!"
Aw-shucks, thanks Wpitman, that's exactly how I've been feeling!

I'm somewhat disillusioned with the iPad-focussed direction that Omni has taken, but have posted my thoughts in the Omni Lounge, rather than taking this thread off topic.
Thanks in part to this thread, I finally decided to move full-time to TaskPaper. I was already using TaskPaper extensively on my iPad and iPod touch, benefitting greatly from the seamless sync and web service. But since it's now clear to me that OmniOutliner isn't going to give me what I want in the near-to-midrange future, I also decided to switch to TaskPaper for Mac.
It's been nice using OO all this time (since 2001). But now it's time to move on.

Catch y'all later!
I was typing notes from a meeting in OmniOutliner and had an epiphany:

As I was typing my meeting notes in OmniOutliner, I was thinking that it would be neat if there was a way that I could "store" all of my meeting notes in OmniOutliner - currently my meeting notes are scattered throughout my hard drive, and having to find and open them all individually and deal with multiple windows kind of sucks.

I was thinking that it would be neat that—borrowing an interface from OmniFocus—all of my OmniOutliner files that stored meeting notes could be listed in the sidebar, and you could group these notes via folders. Then all of my meeting notes would be in one spot, and I could organize them by project, committee, etc.

As I was thinking about note taking (versus outlining in general), I was reminded on how I have been on a never-ending search for a the ideal note taking app on the iPad (I even happened to look at three candidates last night, probably why I made the connection). I have purchased dozens of note taking apps for the iPad, and there are some very good ones, but non of them leave me completely satisfied, they all seem to have one or two great strengths and one or two great weaknesses. Some combine type and drawing, some add photos, some add attachments, some sync to various third party services, some have good text editing (but none of them do outlining/numbering), some of good interfaces, but none have strengths in all of these areas.

That led me to this old thread, and the thought that the iOS version of OmniOutliner is going to be different/limited in some ways compared to the desktop version.

Completing the circle, and realizing that a note-taking application doesn't need all of the bells and whistles that OmniOutliner has, maybe the best approach would be a new Omni app: OmniNotes.

•*Based on OmniOutliner, but with a few less bells and whistles
•*Database storage of all of its "files" in the app, using a sidebar like OmniFocus for managing individual notes
• Notes can have tags
• Sidebar supports Folders and Smart Folders for grouping and arranging notes
• Sync in a similar fashion to OmniFocus
• It would be nice to be able to have items in the outline to have checkboxes for To-Do's (meeting follow-ups). It would be nice if only a section of the "notes" would have the To-Do checkboxes, so the entire "agenda" didn't have to have checkboxes. Holy grail would be the ability to send the To-Do's to OmniFocus.

Last edited by joelande; 2011-01-03 at 01:01 PM.. Reason: clarifications
Sorry to insist.
Became member of this group just to be able to ask: do not underestimate the importance of the iPhone

The merit of OO is that I profit from more than a decade of continuity through different OS'ses and systems. Still use material made with ACTA and MORE many years ago, from even before my gandchildren had been born
I use it for 3 classes of things: journals, random notes and instrucion lists
One reason to stick with OO was the confidence in continuity.
To be able to making notes and journal entries on an iPhone while traveling and transfer them to the Mac is great.

You are already diversifying. This is great. But just that is an argument to protect the abiolity of always being able to provide a solid app to fall back upon.
Just suppose there won't be some sort of OmniOutliner for the iPhone (not that I didn't wish it, but...) in the near future: Are there any recommendations for apps that play nicely with OmniOutliner? Queer question, I know, but what app do you use for notes on the iPhone? (I would love to recommend OmniOutliner to some iPhone folks)
Well when I gave up waiting I went to Carbon Fin Outliner for iPhone and iPad. you can import and export OPML.

I'm still surprised that Omni Graffle is a more viable app for Omni in the iOS world then their world class Outliner.
Thanks Rockyroad! The App look about more or less like the one I was looking for. Especially the OPML import and export looks good.
Great. My favourite outliner was ShadowPlan on a Palm Tungsten but that hardwares long gone :-)
Actually it's not a matter of good looks, but of interoperability: I love shuffling the entries from OO to OF, to OG, and OP without having to do copy and paste. Anything that comes to mind regarding a specific project should be easy to integrate into whatever application it fits.

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