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Originally Posted by Lucas View Post
...that different people have different ways of arranging their work...
I think is key; better to send a formatted email to someone which their Clip-o-tron will import into their Inbox for review/placement and give yourself a task to check up on their progress. Even when OP has OF-like lists, a sub would still likely check off their own OF task and then go check off the shared OP task to communicate back to the group.
I find the export to email of a task, project, or set of projects very well done on the iPad application and can't understand why this wouldn't be available in the OSX version. Does anyone know if there any plans to move this functionality over?


p.s. I sat there for 30 minutes staring at the OSX version trying to remember how to export to email before realising it was only on the iPad ... errr.
Omni tends to work on the apps in round-robin fashion a feature might appear first on the iPad or Mac, then on the iPhone, then on the remaining platform. Forecast view showed up first on iPad, then iPhone, and now is coming to Mac. Emailing tasks is another that first appeared on the iPad, but I'm confident they see the utility of having that functionality on the Mac, too. Use Help->Send Feedback to send in your feature requests; more requests lead to more attention from the development teams.

At one point shortly after the iPad version came out, I started drafting an Applescript that would provide similar functionality on the Mac, but it wasn't a priority as I've usually got the iPad when I'm at the Mac. Maybe when I get some time I'll finish it and post it.
Has any progress in collaborating with Omnifocus been made since the last post 4 months ago? I have DLed OF because I need to be able to collaborate, and you can't do this with the software I have been using, Things. Honestly I'm a bit overwhelmed by the complexity and rigidity of OF, but if I can sync one to do list among multiple users on multiple computers, I'm game for putting a little more work in up-front for a smother workflow.

I have installed the software (trial) on my computer and one staff members computer and using Bonjour it seems to be syncing flawlessly. Am I missing something?
Multi-person syncing is something we want to support down the line, but it's a complex feature. We haven't tackled it yet.

If everyone is in the same physical location and the groups aren't large, using Bonjour sync in the manner you're attempting can work. As more folks start to use the apps simultaneously, though, the chances of two people simultaneously editing the same thing at the same time goes up. When that happens, you see stuff like Policarpo mentioned in post #5. That's what folks mean when they say it's possible but not designed for it.

If you get this working for your team, that's great, though!
Hey, To whom it may concern,

As a fair new user of OF, comparing to other tools I have used before, I have seen the trend is "COLLABORATION", even the majority of users are intent to use OF as personal tools, there are still big chance we need to have collaboration function as well.

For my real instance this morning, my wife was asking for my two tasks I "assigned" to her last night(I made in my OF), I couldn't easily share from OF to her, then frustratingly I have to manually copy the content of tasks, then put into Evernote, then share notes to her. or I have to send email to her, but that way, we will not have tracking at all. What if she needs to make changes to the tasks?

I could have more examples of these incidents in my life, I am running small business, there are often some outside contractors I have to work with, the communications between them, sometimes, I need to share with the tasks with them as well.

My team member need collaboration in earnest, we are using wrike, it works pretty well via web, I am looking forward to seeing a change on OF, I own all OmniGroup products, I really want to see how OF can combine with OP(OmniPlan) become a strong competitor of wrike in near future.

Best Regards,
Aaron Liu

Just to echo the sentiment stated above. After years as an OF users (and previous to that, a Kinkless GTD / OmniOutliner user), I am having to drop OF due to it not supporting group collaboration in an effective/reliable way.

Basecamp is too simplistic for us, in terms its GTD capabilities, so it's looking like we will probably be moving to Rule (at least that appears to be the current plan).

We would love a desktop solution to this collaboration issue (ideally, OF especially with its good iPhone/iPad support). The web app approach lacks the security that we require, but in a trade off with no collaboration at all, we're having to just 'lump it'.

Maybe when Omni finally get round to addressing the group collaboration issue we can move back... However, perhaps this is unlikely.

So goodbye, OF. It was pretty great while it lasted.

Best of luck.

It sure would be good to see something like the Evernote arrangement. Thick client with local database that syncs, but a functional web interface that allows sharing with other users. Some sort of 'basic sharing' which would be available to web users who don't have OmniFocus, to allow cross platform collab.... Also to allow me to access my OF for those times I don't have access to a Mac or iPad.

I'm only evaluating OF right now and the lack of Collab. & web UI is a concern. But if I knew that something was on the roadmap, it might just get the purchase over the line for me.

Other than this I am sold on the contexts, forecasts and focus...

Hopefully this discussion continues!
Hi All,

Just to echo all of the above comments I am in day 2 of my trial period and already the lack of sharing is a real barrier to signing up for the full package. We run a number of training centres spread across a county and OF would be perfect if it had collaborative features to allow sharing of tasks and updates.

I am looking now at Toodledo, a web based to do list application which on first glance is not as powerful as OF but does allow sharing. Is also much cheaper (or Free!).

I think with capacity to collaborate I would still go with OF but for the moment will have to look elsewhere. Will look on developments with interest!
I appreciate the discipline with which Omni has stuck to the single user model. Too few people understand what Steve Jobs expressed: It's not just the thing you do that makes you successful, it's the 1000 things you choose not to do.

That said: Yer killin' me here. OF is the ONLY task manager I've ever really adapted and used, because of ease of task entry, and geo-location of task recall. Those are the things you do so well.

But I want to use it for my business and personal life, and since I can't, I actually have fallen out of the habit of using it. The best tool I've ever found for this, and you're driving me away from it into far inferior products that let me selectively share project tasks.

Let me be clear: OF is ALREADY a multi-user product, because that's it's best use, whether Omni wants to recognize it or not. It's just a painfully hobbled one.

Here's a scenario I used to use constantly: My wife and I have OF on our Macs & iPhones. I'm working at my Mac. My wife is out running errands. I realize that I need to get x. Shortcut key, type x, tab, type context, tab, type "today", return.

When my wife arrives in the area that x is sold, and checks her OF list, x is there, noted as due today. She picks it up and my whole problem was solved in a handful of keystrokes at the moment I remembered I needed something.

Elegant, simple, a thing of beauty. It changed my life. (And yes, it works the other way around, do tasks for my wife when I'm out based on OF.)

My business partner uses OF for all his stuff, and used to be religious about it.

But the frustration that I can't share tasks with him, without exposing him to the hundreds of items in my personal projects, has driven us both to use other products, losing our OF habits.

I think the frustration is enhanced by looking at all the time that went into features for iPad that are aimed at people who don't mind spending as much time managing their lists as getting things done*, and the fact that every modern product under the sun is moving to cloud based sharing models. We're using a cloud-shared task app that looks like the whole company's net worth is probably less than the cost of adding sharing to OF.

Sorry for the vent, it's just that I so WANT to have OF integrated into my life like it used to be, and while I agree that discipline and focus is critical in product design, I think you've decided not to do 1001 things - one too many.


*Yes, I realize that's an unjust troll, and may not really be true, but it's true for me. I'll cede to any countervailing perspectives on this, since I would hate to be the source of a needless debate about it.

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