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F10 (Exposť) breaks Workspaces ?! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
It does for me ...

when I'm not in default workspace, and try to Exposť OmniWeb windows I have, it flicks and the next I see an empty single tab - as if I pressed F1 and invoked Default Workspace.

I can always switch back to my worked on Workspace (it's still loaded - no delay). But what I loose here is ability to see few windows side-by-side.
(I mean only in non default Workspaces)

I guess it's not a big deal, if not for breaking my expectations (I use F9/10/11/12 a lot)

So the first question is : is it only my setup? Or is it a common bug (feature)?

I still hope it's my local problem, so Second question could be - what might be a cause?

MBP / 10.5.7/ OmniWeb v5.9.2

P.S. did search, found nothing on a problem (so I assume it's only me)
OFMG! That's what I saw today!

well it's compiled image, but that's what you[I] see when you move your mouse while in Expose/F10. (only you see one blue element at a time)

And if I click on one of this "ghosts", it's window opens for me in Default Workspace (along with default empty window with one empty tab - which you see)

anybody had anything similar?
anybody reading it?
anybody having nothing of this sort?

P.S. I only saw it by chance - because if you don't move your mouse into these areas - it's absolutely transparent.
I can't honestly say I've ever seen this happen and I use multiple different Workspaces in OmniWeb and Exposť all the time.

Are you using any system hacks that alter Window management at all (e.g. WindowShade X or anything like that)?
Oh, glad you answered!

No, no WindowShade's or anything, no system haxies except meddled a bit with (installs custom kexts) but I think this was before I installed it.

Can you maybe point me to a guide/wiki - how can I rebuild OmniWeb's profile, while keeping : Bookmarks, History & Workspaces data.

So I could isolate a case of broken plists ...

BTW I kernel panicked/crashed my MBP several times recently, once with OmniWeb open. And it gave me warning (something like): "Disable/Delete History due to it's other instance open already" - when I tried to open OmniWeb again.
(I ended up deleting files : Bookmarks.html~ & Favorites.html~ from ~/Users/samius/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5, and warning stopped)

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