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I'm finding a very annoying issue that is plaguing my drawings. For no apparent reason, lines disappear from the drawing even though I know they are there and connect two shapes. When I move one of the shapes, the connecting line reappears. Just saving the document makes no difference. Any thoughts?
It seems to be a bug in zoom levels above 100%

In the tree diagram I am looking at at the moment, for example, I can flip it on and off mechanically simply by alternating between zoom level 109% and 89%.

Above 100 % a lot of the orthogonal connectors moving leftward from parent to child are invisible.

Worth a bug report through OG Help > Send Feedback ...

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Me and a lot of my students have the same problem. What's up with that? Any bug fix coming up?

It seems to be happening often when you use 2 connecting lines.

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Do add your vote for giving some attention to this bug through Help > Send feedback ...

My understanding is that with all the i-This and i-That work (the clouds, toys, etc), OmniGraffle's display and auto-arrange bugs are unlikely to get much attention before another version is planned ...
Has anyone come up with a temporary workaround? Quite annoying!!
No, it's one of those rather fundamental bugs in OG5 which affect whether or not you can actually see your data (and whether or not you can believe what you see) on which inaction is defended by pious reference to the sanctity of majoritarian hegemony :-)

( 'not enough votes' )

Originally Posted by blirette View Post
Me and a lot of my students have the same problem. What's up with that? Any bug fix coming up?

It seems to be happening often when you use 2 connecting lines.
That are different.

Has anyone come up with a temporary workaround?
Sure. I do not consider this a workaround to the bug (but you might). From what I see, and thanks for posting an example, you are making basic mistakes in the act of drawing a flowchart (nothing to do with OG), and then your students are picking up and using the same incorrect conventions, so they replicate the bugs you have encountered.

The End of the offending line is connected to another line; that is incorrect; the line should be connected to an object, such as the central Decision object; not to a line that happens to also be connected to the Decision object.

Not doing so will result in various errors, which will show up when you rearrange the objects on the page. OG is much easier to use than that. Do not start with orthogonal lines, you will forever be moving the midpoints around. Start with straight lines, get the Flowchart (the real work) complete, which means move the objects around, and move the lines only with the midpoint handles. Once the diagram as a whole is stable, now make it pretty, and enhance the lines, add midpoints (line them up), change them to orthogonal, etc.

The F line coming out of the Decision object is also incorrect (Flowcharting error, not an OG issue): it should be connected to the Bracket object; not to a line that is connected to the Bracket object.

Would be interested to know what objects are to the right of the position, where the portion of the line is invisible.

I have over 40 drawings that all have the same problem. Editing them is a nightmare!
I does not have to be, even with this bug.

I would suggest that all the lines of the same type in the Flowchart should be the same, and have the exact same characteristics (Stroke; Colour; connect to lines/objects; orthogonal/straight; single arrowhead; 60%; etc). Set the first line up; then simply copy-and-paste; then connect each end to the intended target objects.

You can also choose all the lines from the Canvas:Selection tool, and make changes to all of them, in a single action.


Last edited by DerekAsirvadem; 2012-03-18 at 06:26 PM.. Reason: Added clarity.
Thanks for the answer Derek.

However, this will not fix the bug we have.

I need to connect the line to another line, not to the object. Using straight lines will create a big confusion.

We are creating a simpler way of flow charting so using out-of-the-norm flowcharting convention is something that has to work here.

By the way, I have the pro version and have the bug.

Here's a Omnigraffle file and two screenshots of a line not connected with anything and it has a bug.

Hope Omnigraffle can fix it.
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Does switching to a slightly different zoom level restore visibility to the partially vanished links ?

( This bug, and the family of OmniGraffle screen display bugs to which it is related, seem to be rooted in a misfired attempt to improve screen speed by skipping certain kinds of 'unnecessary' display updates ...

Typically, the zoom level in which the error first occurred remains corrupted (data or recent edits partially invisible or misrepresented), but other zoom levels may fully display the data in its correct and current editing state).

[A conversation with support some weeks ago suggested that the chances of Omni actually fixing it before another major version is developed seem to be rather slim.]

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