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A passel of 5.9/6.0 feature requests Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I'd also like to see the location bar not store typo'd domains, eg I once typed '' and now it's pretty much at the top of the list (lexical sort over I guess) despite the fact it's invalid.

Oh and disable the 'find link titled' option, as it interferes w/ some ajax-y stuff (eg google reader)
Fwiw, if it is bugging you now, you can delete mistyped domains from your history in the Bookmarks pane/window (i.e. you can select any item(s) in history and delete them individually without having to clear your entire history).
Please please incorporate the recent tweaks to OF syncing to OW. This should be a no-brainer but I thought I'd mention it – I can sync just fine via WebDAV with OF, but OW falls over every time.

An option in ow's preferences to close tabs panel: from the toolbar, hide tabs panel button close other tabs or not.

And the fix for the info/preference panel in the stand alone bookmarks window.

Thank you ;-)

Last edited by sangheeta; 2008-10-14 at 03:50 PM..
Some of the suggestions here could reuse existing services which are becoming (unofficially) "the standards". For example:

Advertisement blocking - use the Adblock Plus text file format;

Synchronisation - use Foxmarks (which, I believe, offers an API).

One of the biggest problems I see with Omniweb is that there is a growing cross-platform ecosystem (synchronisation of brower settings, in particular) from which it is cut off at the moment.

This is unfortunate when I am forced to use Windows at work and use Macs, by choice, at home; I suspect that is far from a rare situation.
Please include 'Reload Page' in right-click context menu.
A couple of times a week I'll return to my machine at home (iMac 2GHz Core 2 Duo, Leopard), wake it from sleep, do something (anything!) which ought to cause OmniWeb to fetch a webpage, and OmniWeb will lock up for anything up to several minutes. /usr/bin/sample suggests that it's doing something with disk cache; presumably flushing expired disk cache entries.

This is nowhere near as bad as it used to be on my G4 Cube, but it's still a nuisance.

The wake-from-sleep thing appears to be significant because it means that whatever causes the cache maintenance doesn't happen in the background when I'm using another app; it appears to be timed, the event that triggers it is delivered when the machine wakes, and the machine wakes because I want to use OmniWeb. The UI is initially responsive, then the AppKit event loop gets blocked until whatever's working on the cache in another thread is done.

Does either Safari or Firefox do something like this? Don't know; I've never used either of those sufficiently extensively to find out.
A few more suggestions, and repeating some already in this thread:
  • An option to have new tabs created right below current active tab, at least when it's created by clicking on a link in the active page. I don't know how many times i've had to clean up the tab order because of that, but it's many. This is a serious flaw.
  • When closing a tab, select previously active tab.
  • Include the favicon in a corner of the preview. Favicons have a mask with rounded corners applied to them :)
  • Tab Sidebar. Make them a little wider relative to height.
  • The favorites bar could use some visual changes, and there's something off with the toolbar buttons' design. I'm not saying they should look like Safari's buttons.
  • An option to strip all styling, css and inline, from pages.
  • A favorites list of custom stylesheets.
  • Mouse gestures. I'd use Opera but it really doesn't feel like a mac app, and it's got choppy scrolling, no visual tabs etc. Opera is a great windows app.
  • Redesigned download window with alternating colors. How about a pop-up version with a button in the toolbar or in the new Tab Sidebar? If in the sidebar, it could also show overall download progress and number of downloads! Not the "flowing" aqua stuff, please. I suggest taking a look at how Coda does deals with multiple transfers. It could dynamically resize depending on whether there's downloading going on, too. Peronally, i think this would be more tidy and elegant than it is now.
  • Webarchives should include images. Isn't that part of the point with them? At least make it an option.
  • Being able to apply spotlight comments in the save dialog would be very useful. This is something Apple should have integrated though.
  • Full screen would bee nice, not a must, but it would have to be possible to restrict page width. In fact, it would be nice to be able to change page width inside normal windows too, maybe by holding down cmd and using the mouse wheel, or a slider?
  • Syncing bookmarks/history/autofill etc, between machines on the local network would be very useful. [I]It's just rude of Apple not to have implemented syncing capabilities for the local network by now.[I]
  • Ranking of visited addresses.
  • Make Find work as in Safari. Since regex is possible, distinguish results with different highlight colors.
  • Favicons on address suggestions. Favicons in the navigation history.

*click for full size*

Haven't worked on the toolbar yet…


• A new Leopard sidebar is a big improvement over the old drawer. It allows for more space for tabs. Also, resizing the sidebar is a lot easier since the whole window doesn't need to be manipulated; just pull the column horizontally.

• I'm crazy for maximum screen real estate so the status bar is now gone. Instead, whenever you mouse over links, a graphic overlay of the text appears near the bottom left of the screen. In the screenshot above you can see the full text link for a mouse over on the webpage (

All the little individual site icons i.e. Zoomed Editor, AutoFill Prefs, Load Images, Cookies, Available News Feeds, etc. that were on the bottom right of the status bar are now overlayed in the currently used tab with the website beneath blurred for easier reading.

• Mouse over tabs other than the currently used, now generate large previews of websites (Check out the third tab)

• Quick and tidy download interface. The separate downloads window is annoying to me(although it should still be optional), so now it's located in the new sidebar. Everything is available to view in a single window and it can quickly pops up and hides unobtrusively.

• The little icons at the bottom of the new sidebar are(from left to right): New Tab, Graphical Tab View, List Tab View, Tab Actions, Show/Hide Downloads).

Whaddaya guys think of the sidebar?

edit: just thought about this :-p
Pulling the column bar all the way to left (hiding the vertical tabs) automatically creates horizontal tabs.

Last edited by OmniGuy; 2008-11-03 at 07:37 AM..
Any news on 5.9 or 6.0?

When will we see new SneakyPeeks?

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