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Sidebar doesn't stay as wide as I want Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

I searched for my problem before but didn't find anything related.

Whenever I have projects with longer names, I increase the width of the sidebar. I am having a Macbook and using spaces. So OF is in space one. Whenever I change to another space and get back to OF, the sidebar is again in its default width. As well when I close OF and reopen, the same.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot
I fired up spaces, put OmniFocus in space 1 and OmniWeb in space 2, made the sidebar be about half the window width in OmniFocus, and switched back and forth repeatedly between the spaces via control->arrow keys with no apparent change to OmniFocus. Is that sufficient to cause the problem on your machine? What version of Mac OS X are you using? I tried quitting and restarting OmniFocus which also put my windows back exactly as they were.

I would try simplifying the problem a bit; if you open OmniFocus, resize the sidebar to suit, immediately quit OmniFocus and then relaunch it, do you get the window back as you left it?
Hi whpalmer4,

I tried the same as well. moved in spaces and closed/opened OF but couldn't reproduce my problem.

I suddenly realised the correct problem. I am usually in projects and suit the sidebar. When I move over to context or review and then back to projects, the sidebar is back to default. It has nothing to do with spaces or closing OF as I thought. It is the switch between projects to context or review.

Does this help?
Originally Posted by lorew View Post
Does this help?
It helps me give you a useful answer :-)

There are a couple of approaches here. You can use the Perspectives mechanism to save the exact layout of your windows (check the Restore Layout box for the perspective in the Show Perspectives window) when using perspectives. To set the default sidebar width for project view when not using a perspective, close all but one OmniFocus window, set the columns and sidebar widths as you want them, then close that final window. Newly created windows not duplicating existing windows or using perspectives with the restore layout option should come up identically configured.

See also "Customizing columns" in the built-in help.

Sorry I don't get it at all? I checked as well the help section and it's even worth.
All I want is to keep the side bar were all folders, inbox and projects are at a certain width.

Not sure if I explained it correctly but your answer confused me and sounds so complicated like a workaround. When I increase the width in the Finder for example it stays always were I want it.

sorry maybe I just don't get it.
Originally Posted by lorew View Post
Not sure if I explained it correctly but your answer confused me and sounds so complicated like a workaround.
Well, it's not a workaround, it's the intended way to do this!

Close all but 1 OmniFocus window.
Adjust the sizes of the sidebar and columns in that window.
Close that window by clicking the red button.
Quit OmniFocus.
Launch OmniFocus.
Your window should be as you had it before you closed it.

As for your comment about the Finder, I find it behaves pretty much the same way. File->New Finder Window, adjust column sizes and sidebar, File->Close Window. Create a new window and it looks just like the one I adjusted.

I use perspectives 90%+ of the time, with the columns and sidebar adjusted to fit the subject matter. With the Restore Layout box checked, my windows are always created the way I expect.

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