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The truly difficult part of this project is the portability aspect. A true solution must have a mobile component to work for most users. Any desk-bound solution is by definition limited.

The most common mobile device for Mac users is palm based. The other mobile carriers concentrated on Windows base users. Unfortunately this means a palm programmer (or other PDA platform equivalent).

The PDA aspect doesn't have to be a verbatim copy of OmniPlan, but it does have to offer limited functionality. The user should be able to check off and modify dates. It should be easily synchable (bidirectionally) with the program, and be able to be reorganized by meta-data on the fly.
Love my Treo and being able to sync Omnif* with it would be grand. Definitely gets my vote. (Not sure Omni is a democracy and / or republic, though...) ;)
I prefer RSS upload to a site. That way I can access my items from my blackberry or via a friend's web browser if I don't have my BB with me.
I'd like to see some syncing capability with the Blackberry Pearl - perhaps through PocketMac's SyncManager.

A GTD system that keeps all of its information on your Mac isn't too helpful when you are out and about. At the moment I use Entourage, mainly because it offers good syncing with the Blackberry.
There are definitely times I don't want to have anything electronic with me but would love to have a short list of items I could carry.

If OmniFu would offer a few good print options, it would be very, very helpful.

One option would be to quickly print out varioius preordained formats, such as index cards/hipster PDA sheets, PocketMods, etc. Another would be to quickly click on various contexts/sections of the OF document to print those out.

I typically would need to be able to print out my Errands context, my Calls context, and some others. If I could save a commonly used set of my contexts and print to PocketMod easily, I would be very happy.
Add me to the list of people who want the ability to print something that will fit in my pocket.

I'm currently using 3x5 cards, but any similar size format would be useful.

Like Tom, I want the ability to print just specific sections of my file -- so I could just print out errands for those places north and west of my house, etc. [OmniFu doesn't need to know this; I'd be happy to sort my errands and specify the subset to print.]

Add in the ability to use different font settings for display and printing, and I'll be a happy camper.
I would really like a paper view to tack-up or put in my pocket when I am tired of devices. I normally carry my Treo 650 (soon to be flushed down the toilet for some unknown more stable and reliable device) and would like to do to sync with it (input, output, and modifications). I also push things to e-mail when I am traveling (CYA when I don't have mobile access or in the case mobile is lost - I pull e-mail on my mobile and rely on a script to drive my flight, car, and hotel info so it is at the top of the e-mail stack on travel day). I also push some things to RSS/Atom so I can have a view in a widget.

Summary: small paper output, e-mail, standard format (heh) for mobile syncing, and RSS/Atom.
A simple way that would work for me is an extension of the feature request to have Omnifocus display/print list of actions by context. The said extension would give me the ability of posting the produced text note to an iPod or Phone, or PDA
Someone on another forum reminded me about OmniFocus after the iPhone announcement today. Sounds like a perfect match.
Originally Posted by edoneal
Someone on another forum reminded me about OmniFocus after the iPhone announcement today. Sounds like a perfect match.
The only bad news about the iPhone is that with AT&T involved, you can be sure they'll happily make your GTD plans, private information and call transcripts available to the Feds or whoever wants to pay for that information...

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