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(OF2) Possible to change/move the built in "Flagged" perspective? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Just like OF1, OF2 has a built-in immutable "Flagged" perspective which seems to show all remaining flagged tasks.

My preference however would be for it to show only available flagged tasks (I have hundreds of flagged tasks - but very few are available).

Since I have OF1 on the desktop I can roll my own flagged perspective without too much trouble but with iPhone OF2 (unlike the previous version) the built in Flagged perspective seems nailed in place wasting a big valuable slot on the start screen.

Just wondering if anyone has a way around this.

My default Flagged list only shows Available tasks: Tasks with 'Defer Until' set for a future date don't show up here (they show up in the Future section in Forecast).
Interesting: the built-in flagged perspective will show flagged items from a paused context or that are unavailable because they're not the first item in a sequential project (i.e. blocked). But it won't show them if they're deferred.

This seems a little odd and inconsistent to me since it's using visibility criteria that don't align with either "Available" or "Remaining" as used in the view settings of all three versions of the app.

If it were using "Remaining" then deferred flagged items would still be visible.

If it were using "Available" then blocked flagged items would not be visible.

If the view selection setting we're available in this perspective then you could pick either explicitly.
(pretty sure this is a bug, I've raised it with Omni)
Originally Posted by psidnell View Post
(pretty sure this is a bug, I've raised it with Omni)
I have as well. It functioned like this in OF1 for iPhone, and the work around was to create a custom perspective on OF Mac, which then syncs to the iPhone. If you favorite that perspective, it appears on the home screen. You could then, in OF 1, reorder the Home screen so that the built-in Flagged view is at the bottom and the custom one is near the top. Works great.

However, OF2's UI (which I have several criticisms of and felt obligated to post a review of on the App store) no longer lets you reorder every element on the Home screen. Favorited perspectives remain stuck at the bottom, below Contexts and Projects, forcing you to scroll down.
Actually I can see at least in the paused context the showing of flags making some sense. If I flag something, I'm telling myself it's important. If I pause a project, that MAY make that item less important, but if so, I should probably remove the flag. If for example I've flagged something I'm waiting on, or delegated for follow-up, I still want to make sure I get the information in the promised time-frame.

I guess in the end, it depends how you apply flags. I do agree that the flagged perspective should not be canned, but rather allow you to apply the perspective you wish to it.
The built-in Flagged perspective also lacks the "View" button at the top that can be found elsewhere. While this wouldn't solve the issue entirely, it would at least allow users to choose between Next Action, Remaining, Available, and All, and thereby apply consistent logic to that view as well.

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