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Originally Posted by calvarez View Post
I used to have an application on the Pocket PC that did exactly this (VO Shopping List). It's the only thing left that I simply can't find for the iPhone at all. It would let me say that a dock line was available at Wal-mart and at West Marine, and that beer is available at the grocery store and at Wal-mart and at Target. When I went to Wal-Mart I'd select that location and it would show me the items available there, plus in the right order for that store.
Sounds like HandyShopper, a Palm app. I used that for years and also haven't found a good replacement on the iPhone. <sigh>
I'm thinking, is it possible add search field for quick unmark items on grocery list?
Originally Posted by milestaub View Post
I have the same problem as Andreas has. I don't check the items I need while I'm at my Mac, I check them in OF using my iPhone when I'm in my kitchen and then I go to the store. At that point, all the items checked on my iPhone are gone. Yes, they show up again - checked - on the desktop version of OF, but that's not useful to me. I use Perspectives on the desktop but don't see how they help me on my iPhone, given what I describe.

Am I missing something?



Yes this is exactly my situation. I am in the kitchen and figure out that I ran out of sugar. So I have my iPhone in my pocket and can immediately type in that I need some sugar. Then I go to the washroom and find out that there is something missing ... You get the idea.

I do not carry my Mac around. This is why I love this personal digital assistant. I have it available instantly.

For this reason I run a different application that is specialized for groceries lists. But I do not want to run different apps for the task management. I do want to have one single area where I have all my tasks available - including the shopping lists. With all the features (such as localisation feature on the iPhone) it might be perfect. There is just this little piece missing that lets the tasks visible for my grocery list.

I put an enhancement request on the iPhone section of this forum to add a property to either contexts or projects where one can prevent tasks to become invisible when they are checked. I hope it goes through.


Marc, This is a great idea for a list.

For anyone concerned with items disappearing when checking them off in your OF for iPhone, go to settings, and in projects, show "ALL" if you want to see what you've checked off without the items disappearing on you. When you're done go back to "remaining".


Last edited by mokeiko; 2008-09-10 at 10:25 AM..
changing the setting completely is not a solution. I just want to have this behaviour for just the grocery list only on my iPhone.

Just a reminder for anyone using the system of leaving everything checked, and then unchecking when you need it:

Archiving will remove these checked items from your list if you haven't unchecked them recently. i.e. if you archive everything older than August and you haven't put it on your list since then it will disappear into your archive.

Up to you whether you decide this is a problem or actually a good feature!

Guess you could just select all and check/uncheck before archiving to "refresh" them...
Sounds like HandyShopper, a Palm app. I used that for years and also haven't found a good replacement on the iPhone.
On a lark, I decided to use "handyshopper" as a search term and found the app "iNeedStuff" in the iTunes store. It is compared to HandyShopper in several reviews. I only started using it yesterday, but I like it so far, and it seems to have the features we're looking for. Unfortunately the online sync is not working for me because there's a conflict between it and jailbroken phones. However the entry method on the phone is so good I don't know that I care.
I do, in essence, the same approach as Marc. In my projects, there lives a perpetual "Go to the grocery store" project with dummy tasks setup like Dairy or Household Goods with everything that I buy as completed tasks under each dummy task. I open a perspective that shows all the completed tasks and uncheck the ones to show up on my iPhone during the shopping trip. After a sync to my iPhone. I have in the Errands=>Grocery Store context all my needed items and it is time to go to the store. Check them off as I travel the store. After coming home, another sync and I am back ready for the next time...

Now the rub, I liked the idea of Archive Old items. But it moved all my completed bread milk and cheese and like tasks to the archive. I then had to cut and paste them back into the active database under my dummy tasks. What a pain...

hehe... just saw the post above and I guess others have found the same issue!

Could we have archive (like backup software) where you could select projects to exclude from the move? Or does anyone have a better idea?

I think that OF won't archive completed items that are part of a repeating project or action group. (If it did, then the next repetition of the project would be missing actions.) So, if you set the grocery list action to repeating, then the items should stay put.

Thanks Curt - sounds like a nice simple solution to archiving problem. Cheers, Jonathan

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