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Originally Posted by Mr. Reeee View Post
Shockingly, OmniFocus offers extremely limited editing with the iPhone version. I can create or edit the content of an item, but can't move items to where I want them!
Heh. You should take a closer look at the app or read the manual; you're missing a lot. With the exception of rich text, OmniFocus allows quite a bit of editing, including moving items elsewhere in the outline.

Originally Posted by Mr. Reeee View Post
OF's syncing is kludgy and not very intuitive. It should be a painless setup and direct via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Hmm, I don't agree at all. I've found syncing via MobileMe to be virtually painless and very robust. In fact, I think OmniFocus' syncing is the best I've seen anywhere in any app, including Apple's MobileMe syncing.

I haven't used the Bonjour syncing as much (I prefer the ability to sync from anywhere), but it seems pretty straightforward to me and certainly no more difficult than any other iPhone app that does syncing on the local network.

Bluetooth syncing isn't currently an available option; there's no support for it in the iPhone 2.x platform.

1. Editing (and creation) is a must.

2. Support for basic formatting: Color and Font size based on outline level. First version could require this to be set up and defined on the desktop app. Next release could add limited basic format setup.

3. Multiple columns: First version not required - this again could be something saved for future releases.

4. Attachment Support: Not required for first version, but this would be something to get in quickly (before multiple columns).

5. Sync. Not sure how this would be implemented. OO is not like OF - one big database. I don't want OO to change into an app like OF or Yojimbo, where all of its "documents" are stored in one big database app. I suppose if you support iDisk, and it "monitors" the contents of a folder, and keeps them in sync, that might work. Again, for a first release, a manual method of uploading and downloading files to an attached computer or iDisk would acceptable.

6. Something not yet mentioned: It would be *very* handy to be able to email an OO mobile outline in a plain text or rich text format to somebody. (Say notes from a meeting or a plan or series of steps you want to send somebody).

7. Check box/to-do support

I think it is important to get this product out sooner rather than later. This category of apps is starting to get crowded, and even Documents to Go from DataViz is due this month, which will do all sorts of things, including outlining.

You can see my general approach would be to get a solid app out there, and release updates to grow the feature set.

My two cents.

I think this could be a successful space and a logical direction for OmniGroup, looking at their app line up.
1. No.
2. No.
3. No
4. No
5. Sync

I basically want to keep all of my lists visible and sync-able from my phone. I make a lot of checklists that I want to keep up to date on both.
I would pay $30 for an OO iphone app that syncs, even with basic features. It would pretty much mean that I don't have to take my laptop while traveling. I just have too much important information in OOP and no way to take it on my phone. THanks!!!
Originally Posted by bankomeister View Post
I would pay $30 for an OO iphone app that syncs, even with basic features. It would pretty much mean that I don't have to take my laptop while traveling. I just have too much important information in OOP and no way to take it on my phone. THanks!!!
Go to the App Store and get a copy of Air Sharing ($5) or a similar app. With that, you can "print" a copy of your OO documents to PDF files which you stash on the iPhone/iPod and view (and even deliver to another computer). I haven't tried anything except Air Sharing, which was a freebie at one point (grabbed it before I even had anything to use it on, as it seemed of obvious utility!), and have no connection to its author. The place where it breaks down for me (besides the obvious case of wanting to edit the document) is with a document that prints more than one page wide. If you just need to carry some reference materials with you, this will may make the wait for an Omni solution more bearable.
To add to my previous note: DropBox has a free option and seems to work acceptably well for this (and other duties requiring moving files about) if you have internet connectivity when you need the files.
Ideally Id like a fully functional version of OO on my phone. Id like to open a file on my iphone, edit it, save it, and sync it back to my desktop so that when I open oo4 it seamlessly opens the latest revision. I would not like any information to be lost during the sync. I would be willing to sacrifice attachments (a placeholder would be helpful) and formatting (as long as desktop formatting is preserved).

Without syncing, Id much rather a viewer app that can meet or beat quickview functions. Expand all, collapse all, hoisting, filtering, re-ordering columns, etc. would all be welcome functions. I would most likely use a note taking app that syncs with my desktop (Evernote for example) to make a list of edits on the fly and import those notes into OO4.

Thanks for the opportunity to add input.
keep it simple!

basic column support
no formatting
full text/hierarchy editing
full merge sync

carbonfin web export is rubbish...

oo4 iphone version. just do it!
oh... and here's another vote for omnioutliner for the iphone! bliss!
Originally Posted by DerekM View Post
1) Do you need multiple columns of data, column types, or the column summary options?
Yes, not necessarily on one "screen", though. For my uses, it would be sufficient to have one overview mode displaying one whole column for all "entries" and a detail view for each entry with the capability to display the contents of all columns on one page and navigation links to siblings, parents and children.
2) Do you need formatting support? Or just plain text like OmniFocus for the iPhone.
Plain text is sufficient.
3) Do you need attachment support?
For PDFs and image files, yes.
4) Should it be a viewer only, or have editing capabilities?
Full editing support would be good, but a limited mode would be OK. For example: I would like to prepare an OmniOutliner file on my Mac and then use copies of this file for collecting data (e.g. adding text as a note or assigning a point value or setting a checkmark). This would resemble filling out a form.
5) What kind of syncing expectations do you have?
Synching is essential.

I am confident that you will produce a great OmniOutliner for the iPhone!

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