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Just jumping in to say that we're not turning a deaf ear to requests for new products, but our development team is more than 100% busy working on our existing projects.

In other words, if folks know of talented cocoa developers, please send them a link to our "Jobs" page. :-)
While I am sure if Omni did ever decide to take on this challenge they would do a good job, let's look further afield.

What is the future of personal finance management? Is it really a piece of local software? Financial data aggregation can be done so much more efficiently as a web app. Take a look at Not ideal for me (is US only right now, is not really a double entry system, can't handle liabilities etc.) BUT does produce an extremely useful and accurate picture of 'How am I doing today'. It has an iPhone app too, and gives a much more accurate picture than manually adding and categorizing transactions. It is always up to date. That is the future.

Personally I use a combination of MoneyDance (much better than Liquid Ledger almost everywhere) and for my finances. MoneyDance handles my overall financial picture and records, and is great for day to day budgeting.

Cheers, Andrew
Oh and for what it's worth Moneydance DOES do multiple currencies. It just doesn't handle realized gains and losses from currency transfers like LL did.
I had used LiquidLedger since 2002, when v2.0 was just around the corner and was guaranteed a free upgrade. Years, no free upgrade and a buggy, less-useful product later, I looked around for an alternative. I checked out (and unfortunately bought) many products. The best out there is MoneyWell by

It uses the envelope method of budgeting, which took some getting used to. However, the developer (Kevin) is very responsive (he's incorporated some of my suggestions) yet true to his vision of his product (he's not incorporated most of my suggestions).

All in all a very good product and experience. I believe there's a free trial and a bunch of tutorial videos on his site. Check it out.
Originally Posted by Andrew N View Post
Oh and for what it's worth Moneydance DOES do multiple currencies. It just doesn't handle realized gains and losses from currency transfers like LL did.
Beyond the shortcomings mentioned by Andrew N, Moneydance doesn't even handle such basics as transactions in a currency different from that of the account, at least not adequately. Say, you use a USD credit card for a purchase denominated in JPY. When you record this transaction, Moneydance converts it to USD and discards the JPY amount. So, when it comes to reconciliation, the JPY amount is not available to identify the transaction. And, what with foreign transaction fees and the like, the USD value on the account statement will will rarely if ever match the USD value recorded. In Liquid Ledger, on the other hand, this issue simply doesn't arise; both the JPY and USD value of the transaction are available.
Come on, Brian! I bet your code cutters get at least Thanks Giving as a holiday. Cancel all leave as of now. We, your dedicated OmniUsers NEED the Omni financial product. When do we need it? Now!
As a fan of Omni products I would love to see what you could do with "OmniFinance". I've used Quicken for years, first on a PC and then Quicken 2005 with a Mac. I recently switched to iBank. Quicken for Mac is horrible so in many ways this is better, but it is far from perfect. If you could develop a financial program, with the functionality and ease of use of OmniFocus, you would have a great product.
I would pay right now for even the promise of an OmniBank application.

I've been using Quicken for Windows for over 10 years, but I hate it. What's worse, being in Australia, there is no Quicken version for Mac at all. Thus I'm resigned to having to load Parallels just to do my finances. Blech. Reckon, the company which owns the license for Quicken in Australia, doesn't believe there is enough market demand for an Australian version of Quicken for Mac.

I've tried all the other Mac finance apps, but they just don't seem robust enough for me to trust them.

An Omni product, however, I would trust with my financial life.
A few more apps have crossed my radar. Mini$, iFinance, iCash (looks a lot like gnucash), and iCompta. Version 4 of iCompta will have sub-categories and linked transfers (for proper double booking for those who need that). My new Omni fantasy: Omni hires Mr. Anger, robusts up the code with their frameworks, fine tunes the interface with all they've learned from OF, and releases OmniBank 1.0 for the world.
I prefer "OmniFinance", but no matter what it might be named, I would say this is a product that would suit the Omni portfolio well. An excellent companion to the "individual" purpose also filled by OmniFocus.

I would actually pre-pay for this application with nothing more than a commitment and perhaps a few screenshots of an early alpha -- to show that development is occurring.

Come on Omni! :-)

P.S., there would obviously have to be an OmniFinance for iPhone too!

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