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I am not sure if this has been going on for a while, I usually just run the script and then capture the data to clipboard and move on, but for some reason lately when I run the script and leave the data window up I get the spinning beachball for a long time and then eventually get an error window

"The script 'OFQuickStats' could not complete.
AppleScript reported the following error:
System Events got an error: AppleEvent timed out."

I've taken a look at the script but haven't a clue where to start to try to figure out what's causing the issue.

Any suggestions?

Originally Posted by Oogiem View Post
when I run the script and leave the data window up I get the spinning beachball for a long time and then eventually get an error window
In version 2.04 I've added a pTimeout property (near the top of the script) with a default value of 20 seconds, after which the dialog will now simply vanish.

You can edit the value to a larger number of seconds if you prefer.


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Thank you, that fixed it.

Musch appreciated
This script looks Awesome! However, I can't find a way to download a recent version. The link to download the script is broken because of the MobileMe shutdown. Could you please post a new link? Thanks!
Generally moved things here
I've just stumbled upon this script and it's tremendously useful. Thank you very much for creating and sharing it!
I'm glad you're finding it useful, and thank you for drawing my attention to this thread again - an opportunity to fix some broken links to the script itself.
Thanks for the script Rob. I've managed to make a few tweaks to suit my needs but now I'm stuck. I want get some numbers on how old some incomplete tasks are.

e.g. something like this:

<= 1 Month 130
> 1 Month and <= 2 Months 12
> 2 Months and <= 3 Months 50
> 3 Months and <= 6 months 16
> 6 Months and <= 12 months 12
>12 Months 8

I tried to understand how SQLite does its dates but I can't. I got into sqlite3 and attached to the db OK. I then ran this to look at a few tasks:

select dateModified, date(dateModified), name from task where inInbox = 1 and (dateCompleted is null);

371086241.164303|1011287-12632210-20|empty tank
371086282.211984|1011287-12632211-31|find xxx
371086440.284924|1011287-12632217-05|reply yyy on FB
371086613.883444|1011288-12632210-28|blah blah
371089001.703324|1011294-12632217-11|ring ZZ

All these task were entered today, I don't understand this date system.

I'm also stumped on how to do the date manipulation I need in SQL.

And finally: If possible I'd also like to exclude the tasks from projects in my templates folder as these aren't tasks to work on.

Any clues anyone ?

The timestamps are counted in seconds elapsed since the start of 2001. See, for example,

In the same post, you will see a join involving folders, projects and tasks. You may find that you can add a condition analogous to and not like "%Shakespeare%"

(Omitting the % wildcards if you are looking for an exact match)

Another approach would be sth like and f.persistentIdentifier != 'c4B4eD0fPK9'. You can find the id/persistentIdentifier of a folder by Ctrl-clicking it and choosing Copy as link
Can I suggest a few additions to the script? In the attached, I've added 3 new items that correspond to the badges in OmniFocus for iOS:
- Inbox available actions
- Due in next week
- Flagged projects and actions
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