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Ominfocus keeps moving to Desktop 1 Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
OS: 10.7.2

Omnifocus: 1.9.4

This has been happening ever since I upgraded to Lion.

I like to keep OF on the second desktop. However, when I switch over there to check something off or add a new task or any other interaction with OF, it immediately slides over to Desktop 1.

If I reboot, it will not do that for a little while, but at some point, it starts doing it again.

It's really annoying, and it happens on 3 different Macs, one of which had a full clean install of Lion (as in, installed on a brand-new drive).

I don't see any threads about this; is no one else having this?
Try this: When you are on Desktop 2 (or whatever Desktop you want to keep OF on), right click on the OF icon in the dock, click "Options", then click Assign To "This Desktop".

I believe the default is Assign To "None", which will make OF slide over to whatever Desktop it was first opened on.

Hopefully that will work for you.
Thanks for the reply, but...

First off, I don't really want to permanently assign it to Desktop 2.

Secondly... Nope, even that didn't fix it. I assigned it to Desktop 2 and hit enter to add a new task. BAM, back to Desktop 1.
I have the same problem, I am not sure what is causing it. Application restart seems to solve the problem temporarily
Just started having this problem this week. Can't remember if it was before or after the 10.7.3 update.

Anytime I click anything in OF, it switches out of Full Screen and goes to Desktop 1. There on desktop 1, it acts as if it's still in "full screen" (view -> 'exit full screen').

Same thing if it's not in full screen. Place in on Desktop 2 -> click something -> back to desktop 1 (though without thinking it's in full screen).

Same thing if I assign it to "this desktop" on Desktop 2.

Anybody else had this problem? Anyone found a fix?

EDIT: OSX 10.7.3, OF 1.9.4
Same issue, same behavior, same OSX and OF. The full screen OF was on turns into a blank "linen" screen.
I am seeing the same behavior. I just upgraded from 10.6.X to 10.7.3. I'll have to check on my Air (which was 10.7 from the start).
Check out today's (2/7) site for an article, "Make apps appear correctly in Mission Control." Perhaps the above is not an OF problem? I'm still running 10.6.8, so I don't quite understand it.
Actually I had a similar problem with OF in 10.6. I would have it on "Space 3" and it would keep moving to 1.
Thanks for the article, but I'm not sure if that's the same problem (since the fullscreen component doesn't involve being assigned to a certain desktop), and since this isn't happening in any other application. OF has always been a little buggy about fullscreen (for example when I click an intra-app URL to a different perspective, instead of going there it opens a new window which then expands to fullscreen, the overall animation taking a second or two instead of just changing perspectives).

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