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First, props to the Omni folks who worked on OF2 for iPhone--I just downloaded, synced, and am spending some time getting comfortable with the new UI.

I'd like to know a bit more about "background sync" in OF2. Are there settings available to control this/is it customizable? How often does it sync (i.e., once per hour as in OF for Mac)? Is there a push feature behind the scenes so that if I make a change on my Mac, it will push it to my iPhone in the background?

The new background fetch is actually an iOS 7 feature. Apple describes it as "Intelligently Scheduled Updates". ( Rather than OmniFocus (or you) trying to micromanage when new syncs should happen, the OS will try to watch what time of day syncs actually bring in new data and when you use the app to make decisions about when to sync in the background in the future.
Does this mean that app icon badges will finally come, without having to open the app (as it always should have been done with local notifications)?
Yes, background fetches should help keep your badges more current. (Keeping the badges current before would have required feeding everyone's data through both an Omni server and an Apple server, which was not a comfortable solution for us or many of our customers.)
Thanks. But plenty of apps use local notifications which requires no Internet connection.
We seem to be talking past each other. Local notifications can't keep your badges current if the data hasn't been synced down from the server. Until now, it wasn't possible to sync that data down from the server (except with geo-triggered syncs like OF added in 1.16.). So the option that would actually update the badge was push notifications, which does require network connectivity, and data flowing through various servers.
Yeah, I guess for everything to be kept in sync, local notifications couldn't be used. Still, badges only updating once the app was opened always annoyed me. Hopefully this change in iOS will fix that.
This doesn't seem to work for me. I have (completely) closed OF2 on my iPhone and then added 2 tasks that are already due on OF for Mac. This was about 20 hours ago and OF2 on the iPhone still hasn't shown any badge that there are any tasks that are due. (haven't opened OF2 since 20 hours for this test)

Most OF2 on the iPhone stay in the background for this? So if I restart my iPhone, I have to open OF2 so it stays in the background?
I'd like to get OF 2 for iPhone but, most important to me, is the badge updates without opening the app.

Is this feature reliable? Typically, if I add a due item on my mac, would I expect to see the iPhone's badge update sooner rather than later?



My experience with this is that OF2 must be running in order for background syncing to work.

So if you close it (with the multitasking view) it won't sync in the background.

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