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Syncing OmniFocus data with non-iOS phones Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
A confession - the iPhone just doesn't do it for me :-)

(Short battery-life, shattering glass, weak reception, that kind of thing ... Yes yes, its very pretty, and the shattered glass does have a certain ghetto chic, which I do appreciate, but all I really want is a phone with a calendar and some notes ...).

Has anyone else been playing with web services that sync with non-iOS phones and can trade data with OmniFocus ?

I find that the WebServices::RTMAgent perl module (and its rtm client) will move tasks quite happily back and forth between OmniFocus and 'Remember the Milk', but it only sends the name text (no dates or any other fields). Before I trawl through the various APIs for RTM, ToodleDo etc, has anyone else experimented with anything that offers a richer data channel ?

No. Not technical like you are. But I'm in the same boat, with android phone and love of OF. It would be great not to have to carry around an ipod touch just to access OF.

I just experimented with exporting a task list as taskpaper and then importing it into notational velocity. From there it syncs with simplenote. Then I can read it in Flick Note on my phone. Not particularly elegant or dynamic. But if you just want to see a list of tasks not bad.

I also exported to html and view that on the phone. If there was an applescript that exported as html but maybe inserted some dynamic check boxes in front of each to do item, so you could check them off, that might make this sort of list a bit more useful. More control over what items are exported to html might also be nice (or is that already somehow possible?).

I also came across a blog post about adding tasks to OF using todo.txt touch on android. This involves using its dropbox integration and a Hazel action, which triggers an applescript that adds the items to OF. That discussion is here, in case you haven't seen it.
That sounds very resourceful.

When it comes to phones, however, even Android is too technical for me :-)

If I have understood this correctly, the principal technical innovation of the smart phone appears to be that your telephone depends on the same small battery as an all-purpose portable distraction screen.

( i.e. when the music stops, your phone dies too )

Perhaps this arrangement has some advantage that eludes me :-)


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It also appears that if you select a list of tasks in OF and then invoke the Notational Velocity service to make a note from the selection, it will create a list of tasks in NV (although it just includes the name of the task not any other info). If you are syncing NV with Simplenote, this list will then populate to flick note on android.

So that might be an even quicker method of getting a task list on the phone without too much extra overhead.

Would it be possible to make an applescript that would export each selected line item in an OF task list as a separate NV note with the same info in each note that would be in a taskpaper line item entry?

If this was done, one could use a program like Flick Note to implement a gtd system in android using this approach.

I suspect that an enterprising person might even be able to figure how to sync between this and OF. Although that might be a tall order and perhaps RTM would be a better way to go.

If you want more control over what items get synced into the .ics file, you could also use the ofexport command line tool to generate a .ics file then use hazel, dropbox, dropsync, and iCalSync2 to periodically update and sync this .ics to your android calendar.

I know that's a little bit convoluted. But it seems to work.

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