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trying to draw lines between shape magnet points Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I need some ideas here. I have a shape stencil that has magnet points on its edge walls. I am trying to draw lines that cross the object and attach to the Magnets. I can see the line I am drawing but as soon as I try to connect the line to a magnet point on the other side the line immediately disappears. why is this happening? And how can I place the line please?
Ahh -- I think see the issue. You are trying to have a line drawn across a shape, anchored to two magnets within that same shape. Is that right?

When I do that, I also get a line that disappears.

Here's a trick that worked for me: add a third point to the line. As long as it is in line with the other two, it'll look the same and it will work as you expect.

I suspect there is something strange going on -- please also submit a bug to omnigroup using Help --> Send Feedback... from within Omnigraffle.

-- Morgan
There may be two things going on here, depending on what "try" means.

If "as soon as I try to connect the line to a magnet point on the other side the line immediately disappears" means that the line disappears inside the shape before you extend it to the magnet, ignore that and just watch the crosshair cursor. You could also hold down Option until you get to the magnet, stop holding it, and then connect.

If "try" means that you've successfully connected to the magnet but the connected line disappears when it's inside the shape (priceless's discovery) and you don't want that, then I found a workaround that seems to work: Don't use the preset magnet arrangements in the Custom Magnets pulldown in the Connections inspector. Create the magnets yourself using the Magnet tool. Connecting to one of those keeps the part of the line inside the shape visible (assuming the line is in front of the shape, of course).
FWIW, the problem also doesn't seem to happen with the orthogonal line type, though you can't then draw a line that is fully enclosed by the shape.

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