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Sorry for the barrage of questions... I just purchased and installed OmniFocus and the iPhone version.

I've been working through examples and stuff and doing what it instructs... Suddenly I see Miscellaneous twice in my projects...

One seems to have an action but doesn't show it. If I try to delete it, it says it will hide 1 action.
It's probably a completed task. Set your filter so that you can see Any Status and it will probably show up.
I'm sorry for the confusion this is causing! The main cause of this problem is when one of your Macs gets set back to the "Create when next needed" option in the Data pane of preferences.

You can correct this problem by doing the following:

Starting with one of your Macintoshes, please do the following:
Sync the mac with your server.
Switch to the "All Items" Perspective.
Consolidate all the actions under one Miscellaneous list.
Change the name of the consolidated list to "New Miscellaneous".
Delete any empty miscellaneous lists.
In the "Data" tab of preferences, check that the Default list for single actions preference is set to "New Miscellaneous" and not "Create when next needed".
Sync the Mac with your server.

If you're synchronizing with other Macs please repeat the above steps, but skip the "Change the name" step. You only need to do that on the Mac you started this process on. On the other devices, just move actions from "Miscellaneous" over to "New Miscellaneous".

If you're syncing with an iPhone, please keep reading. (If you're not synching, you can skip to the "Finally" step.)

Once the Macs are all using the same Miscellaneous project, it's time to get the iPhone straightened out.

Sync the iPhone with the server.
Move any actions in a "Miscellaneous" project to the "new miscellaneous" project. (To move an action to a new project on the iPhone, go to the details screen for that action and tap on the "Project:" field.)
Delete any "Miscellaneous" projects in the database. (With the project you'd like to delete visible, tap "Edit", then tap the red control to the left of the project name. Finally, tap the "Delete" button on the right.)
Once you've deleted the un-needed projects, sync the phone with the server.

At this point, you have all the actions moved out of your extra miscellaneous projects, and all your devices using the same project for new miscellaneous actions. So long as none of your Macs end up set back to the "Create when next needed" option in the Data preferences pane, the problem shouldn't reoccur.

(At this point, you can remove the "new" prefix from your remaining "Misc" project, by the way.)

Sorry again for the confusion this caused!

Last edited by Brian; 2009-07-29 at 01:52 PM.. Reason: Hockeynut found a bug - fixing it. :-)
In addition to what Brian suggested, also look at the project's 'Mark complete when completing last action' status using the Inspect command/menu bar button. If this option is checked, then that list will be completed and hidden once the last task in the list is completed. I expect this setting, combined with the 'Create when next needed' preference, is what caused the duplicate lists.

While you are at it, you might want to look at your preference for 'Data>Projects and Action Groups>When completing the last item...' to see if it is checked or not. If it is, then by default all new projects and single-action lists will be hidden when the last task is completed as described above. For someone just getting started with OF, it might be best to turn this off for now. Once you have an established database, this setting can be enabled if needed as it will not override whatever settings you have already assigned to your lists using the inspector.

Last edited by Greg Jones; 2009-06-25 at 04:25 AM..
I can't seem to find the "data" panel on the iPhone to tell it to use "New Misc" rather than just "Misc".

I am on v1.5.2 build 2009-07-15.
Hockeynut, you just found a bug in the instructions.

The iPhone app actually syncs that preference over from your Macs. If you get all the macs on the same page and sync them with the server, the phone will pick up that setting on it's next sync.

I'll re-write those instructions so they actually reflect reality. Sorry for the confusion here. :-)

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