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I am doing a diagram with dimensioning lines using the <%length%> variable. I have scaling set to 1"=12". When I draw a line that is 65" long (set 65" in the geometry box" the label displays 65.000021 or something like that.

Is there any way to set the precision on the variable to 0 or 1 or 2 decimal places?
Hello OmniGraffle Community,

I have seen 2 previous posts regarding a seemingly simple but very frustrating question. Is there any way to change the precision of the variables in OmniGraffle?

The variables feature is an AWESOME feature to have especially when generating plans and/or drawings but to have these minor inaccuracies of small fractions or decimals is a complete pain.

Along the same line, does anyone know if there a way to change the number shown from fractions to decimals?

There have been no responses to the 2 previous posts but I am hopeful this one will not fall through.

Thanks in advance.
Maybe your luck will be better than mine on this :)
I too am having the same issue.
  1. My first line which I drew shows up at 27 ft - OK cool
  2. My second line shows up as 36 ft 0 in - what the heck?!
  3. My third line is drawn too big 40 ft. So I click on the properties box and make it 38 ft. It shows up as 38 ft 1/288 in - what???

Is Omnigraffle this bad and unpredictable (is this a bug?)?
Sorry for the bump on such an old post, but I'm looking for an answer to this too.

It does not look good for a construction drawing to say 28.00036 in. when you want the part built to be 28".

I'm not aware of a workaround for this, but I'm not actually on the OmniGraffle team - I'll give them a heads-up about this thread, but it may still be worth it to send email to the support ninjas.
Sorry, although we do have an open request for this, there currently isn't any control over the precision over the variable display.

There's also an issue with the values not being rounded in the inspectors that goes along with this, causing the previously mentioned frustration.
It must be spring and everyone is doing house plans because I just hit this issue too.

Is there any workaround (using a particular dimension, pixels etc) or do we need to consider alternatives/hard omni grafting?

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