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OmniWeb 5.7 Sneaky Peeks now available. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by Floach View Post
The new icons have a serious contrast problem - there's very little difference between active/inactive states.

Additionally, they look like they were made for an app 10 years ago. Wouldn't something closer to Safari's current buttons fit into 10.5 better? I realize there are an enormous number of 10.4 users out there (probably far more than 10.5, at the moment) but that's the past at this point. Shouldn't OW be moving forward with more metallic-looking buttons?

If this is just something transitional between 5.7 and (the fabled) 6.0, that seems okay. My concern is that these will linger far past the point where they should. They just aren't slick - they look faded and dated. Not really what you want a first perception of OW to be. I mean, seriously....This is the best damn browser on any platform, as far as I'm concerned (and I've used the absolute hell out of them all.) Why shouldn't it look the part, too?
Your points are well made. I'm using OW with a themed version of OSX 10.4.11. I am using a dark theme that is similar to Leopard. Even though I find the 'new' icons in OW nice, I could easily go for SAF-styled metallic buttons.
At least we lost the "start" flag :-D
I really like the new icons. It was a long awaited thing. There is still one ugly icon, which I refuse to use - "Show Tabs". The design of that icon has nothing to do with any others. There is no unity. The AutoFill icon is much improved over the old one. If only AutoFill worked.
Originally Posted by adinb View Post
I'm finding myself drawn more and more to the proto theme on FF3B2....
While the FF3 B2 is way less buggy than FF2 and consumes way less memory, it's still bloated due to the architecture of the browser. If I had the equivalent of Firebug with OW, Firefox would only be used on my system for compatibility checks at that point.

Right now Firebug is an indispensable HTML/CSS debugger that I use since I develop web sites for a living. I can perform some lighter duty HTML debugging with the built in source viewer/editor which lets me change some things to see how they would look. The biggie if Firebug for me is being able to edit the CSS and seeing the changes realtime and the Firebug interface is super easy to use.

OW is blazingly fast on startup and provides every other need I require for my day to day work and browsing. I have over half a dozen addons for Safari 3 to do what OW does out of the box.

Last edited by WebJIVE; 2008-01-26 at 11:10 AM..
The only feature that I want to see in 5.7 is reliability! I'm tolerating half a dozen crashes a day to get vertical tabs and my patience is wearing thin.

Forget the new features, how about running for a week without crashing?

BTW, it's on a clean install of Leopard.
i've been using every SP for weeks and have only had 2 crashes. Not bad for an Alpha.
Are there plans to unify the bookmarks toolbar for the 5.x releases? Also, is it going to be possible to replace the 5.7 icons with 5.6 ones?
Originally Posted by danielandrews View Post
Are there plans to unify the bookmarks toolbar for the 5.x releases? Also, is it going to be possible to replace the 5.7 icons with 5.6 ones?
The Omniweb UI is an ongoing problem in the 5.7 sneaky peeks. This app, unlike its Omni-cousins, appears to be stuck in Tiger.
Fingers crossed. I honestly think the current icons are much better than the 5.7 ones, and that if we could get a unified bookmarks toolbar the app would be fine for the 5.x series.

They can then focus on whatever UI revamp in 6.0 they want.

But the 5.7 beta icons are just lacking. I certainly don't mean to offend whoever designed them - it's the colors, not the shapes. Those colors just don't match ... well, anything.
I just want the Netflix and Facebook bugs to get squashed.


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