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Sync kills WiFi connection [A: WiFi + Bluetooth causing radio interference] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Following the update of my iPhone 3G to ios4, OmniFocus for iPhone has once again started to misbehave during Bonjour sync sessions. A recurring problem is the iPhone dropping my wireless connection during syncs. I have tried deleting the app and redownloading from iTunes. Although wireless bonjour works fine to start the sync session (the iPhone can see the mac server etc), the iPhone drops my wireless connection when transferring the mac based omnifocus database to the phone. I have archived old actions on the mac and tried rebuilding the database, all to no avail. Has anybody else seen this problem and found a fix?
Hi Calumma

I too updated my iPhone 3G to iOS4 and had to hack it back to iOS3 as it was unusable. It's rumoured that iOS4.1 may fix some of the problems that 3G owners have found in upgrading, but I don't have any idea when Apple will be releasing it.

In the meantime, have you looked at this thread?
I'm (painfully!) aware of the issues with ios4 on the 3G, but am sticking with it for the time being for the unified email inbox.

Originally Posted by endoftheQ View Post
Hi Calumma
In the meantime, have you looked at this thread?
I looked at that thread, but it seemed to be more concerned with *auto* syncing. My problem is that I can't get the iPhone to sync at all.

You have my sympathy re: upgrading your 3G to iOS4. I had a complete rant about Apple over this, and other issues, in the Omni Lounge.

As you wait for wiser minds than mine to come online and give you the benefit of their experience, in the interim I'd email the Support Ninjas.

The only other temporary solution I can think of is to download a 60-day free trial of MobileMe and sync over that until the issue is resolved.

Sorry not to be more helpful.

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Originally Posted by endoftheQ View Post
The only other temporary solution I can think of is to download a 60-day free trial of MobileMe and sync over that until the issue is resolved.
I do use MobileMe, but haven't used it for OmniFocus syncing, because I assumed the bonjour wifi syncing would be faster... I'll give my MobileMe account a go.
Hi - my first post here (so "hello"!....)

I've found sync (Bonjour) issues as soon as changed to OS4 on the iphone. No improvement with 4.01

Issues: Start up Omnifocus on iphone (fresh startup) and it will find the database on the mac no problem.
Leave from this wireless network and come back - can't find database.
I also work in different locations (different wireless networks) but with same imac brought to that desk (home + work). Try to open Omnifocus after move and resync without any other changes and cant find it.
Temporary Solution found:
Double click the home button to bring up recently launched apps (you know the "multi-tasking" section... yeah, right....) hold down omnifocus icon (or any others) until you can select the "x" to close it. Now reopen a "fresh copy" of omnifocus and it regains the correct wireless link and connects.

I'm guessing with the change to "multitasking" or some new wireless access tweak its effecting the ability of omnifocus to remember the wireless access settings. Perhaps a change is needed in omnifocus itself to work better with the new os4 - I dont know...

Have found the ability of iphone to "automatically" know and connect to a known wireless point a lot weaker since the os4 upgrade. Does drop sometimes and even ask for a password again for a connection its already been set to join.

Hope that helps. -David
Unfortunately the iPhone 3G doesn't have multitasking, so the temp solution doesn't apply to my particular problem. I have found MobileMe syncing to be too slow to be useful. I want to be able to open the application and be able to use it immediately - not wait an age for the sync to complete. I can live with syncing only when connected to my home network, hence my preference for Bonjour wireless syncing. Unfortunately, that now appears to be broken for me.

I wonder if my particular problem is due to my OmniFocus database being too large? I regularly send emails to OmniFocus as part of my workflow. Some of these emails have attachments (some can be quite large). I would prefer that attachments do not get sent, but this appears to happen automatically. Does anybody know of a way to strip attachments from emails when sending them to OmniFocus using the built in clip-o-tron tool.
You say you want to be able to use it immediately if by that you simply want to be able to enter items immediately, just tap the Quick Entry button that appears very early in start up. If you want it to start up and not do the sync, turn off Auto-Sync in your settings page, but you'll have to tap the Sync button to cause a sync when you want one.

On the Mac, there's an Attachment List window under the Windows menu which you can use to track down large attachments.

If you want to add emails without attachments, and don't mind losing the Original Message link, use OmniFocus' Mail processing feature on the Mac and forward the messages to the address you set up instead of using the Clip-o-tron. Won't work with HTML email, though. See "processing mail" in the Help.
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
If you want to add emails without attachments, and don't mind losing the Original Message link
There's the issue. The link to the original email is a key feature for me. My workflow is designed to clear unread email as quickly as possible (my job results in a large number of emails on a variety of topics that need processing at different times). Sending email to OmniFocus allows me to store actions using different contexts without needing to organise anything in mail. When it comes time to process a specific action, I can click a link to quickly go back to the original email message as required.

I'll look into the attachment control - thanks for that tip. Hopefully that will help to solve my particular problem. It would be useful to have a global setting to remove all attachments before they enter the OmniFocus database though.
Removing all attachments (there were a few!) has enabled me to successfully get the database onto my iPhone 3G. Follow-up syncing nearly works as well. Whilst the sync is successfully initiated and appears to complete (although relatively slowly), the iPhone still drops my wireless connection towards the end of the process.

I'm using an Apple Airport Extreme. What's interesting is that the wireless signal drops on my iMac at the same time as the iPhone, suggesting the Airport Extreme is struggling with the connection and dropping the link? The iMac immediately reconnects, the iPhone only reconnects if I manually select my wireless network in Settings. The iPhone will also automatically reconnect if I exit OmniFocus and use any other network application (such as mobile Safari).

Not a complete solution for me then, but the application is at least usable again. Thanks again whpalmer4 for the tip on stripping attachments.

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