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First things first. I like OO iPad very much. Good interface, attractive, and of course, it's a uniquely useful iPad program.

Will there be a Pro version for the iPad? I don't own the Pro version for the Mac, but I've considered it. Now, I'm not so sure.

The line seems to be blurred. You can name styles on the iPad, and the names transfer to the Mac version when you send them over. On the iPad, you can duplicate a document, which seems the same as "Save As," rather than a template maker.

Sections would be a nice Pro feature on the iPad. Audio and clippings would be of less interest to me.

Anyway, I'm just curious what the plan is.

I can't speak for future Omni plans (and I suspect they can't either, other than for the very short term), but OmniGraffle for iPad offers some precedent. There you get an app which has some substantial overlap with some of the pro features from the Mac app (tables) that make sense on the iPad. With OmniOutliner for iPad, named styles make the UI design a bit easier to implement and understand, and frankly, who would want to have two different OmniOutliner for iPad apps with very different user interfaces?

The only difference I see between the template facility on the Mac and the New document/duplicate route on the iPad is that the templates are squirreled away in their own location (OmniOutliner could do this, similar to the stencil view in OmniGraffle for iPad) and the Mac version offers you the ability to set the default document settings via the templates with no additional action required when creating a new document, whereas on the iPad you have to remember to duplicate your favorite document. I think the app could easily support the notion of somehow marking one particular document as the thing to be duplicated and used whenever the user taps the New Document button, but perhaps it wasn't viewed as something that was necessary for the first release, or they didn't come up with a way they liked to handle setting and showing which document is to be that new document template. If you want it, use the Contact Omni button to let them know!

Clipping would be difficult to implement on iOS, due to the app sandboxing, I suspect. There's no Applescript, either, which supplies much of the structure of the clipping system on the Mac. Audio recording seems like it should be possible, given that OmniFocus supports it on iOS (though you can't record and edit other items simultaneously), but given there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of OmniOutliner users on the Mac who do not have that feature, it doesn't seem like a must-have-for-FCS feature. As long as I can record some audio with some app and later attach it to the outline, it's not a pressing need for me to have it built in.
I agree that sections and hoisting would be welcome additions to the iPad app. The small screen already enforces a bit of local focus, but with a document that was deeply nested (especially one with multiple columns), one could get back some of that screen space. OmniFocus tackles this issue in part in the project outline by indenting the folder structure in reverse, effectively hoisting each project while still showing everything, but that would be a little strange for most free-form outlining, I think.

Send in that feedback, I just sent mine!

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