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Although it would be nice to have a less manual way of sorting than to select all the actions within a given project and then click Edit -> Sort, at least it works for now... However, I'm finding that it sorts any actions which have no due date assigned in front of the stuff that does have due dates. Isn't it obvious that actions which aren't in the inbox (i.e. already processed) and don't have due dates are a lower priority than things that do have due dates? I want all my due-date-unspecified actions to sort AFTER the stuff with due dates. Is there any way to fix this or do I need to make a feature request?
Actually it's not obvious that items without due dates have a lower priority than those that have due dates. Something with a due date may be more urgent than something without a due date, but not necessarily more important. For instance, my "take out trash" action has a due date of Wednesday 8 p.m. If I had a "cure cancer" action (well, project) it wouldn't have a due date, but it would definitely be more important.

That said, I think I agree with your view that actions with due dates should sort earlier than those with none if you've chosen to sort that way. You should make a feature request. In the meantime, after sorting, you can select all of your actions without due dates and then hit the d key until they are where you want them.
In an attempt to take care of Q1 type projects, today I attempted to implement a top-down approach to see all items due today, tomorrow, etc. I found within project mode this is not possible. About to file a bug report because I thought SneakyPeak had screwed this up, I found this thread first.

I can see no reason why additional functionality to properly sort projects with due-dates separately in project mode would frustrate GTDers.

For those who like the granularity of seeing things separated by purpose, I think this is a fine thing. It's a bit old-school in terms of lists and non-GTD, but honestly, I think some of us work better knowing what we're working towards on a project that's due very quickly.

Selecting "sort by due date" appears completely counter-intuitive when it doesn't show the sort properly by date. Not to mention that it appears to sort top-down not bottom up... so I see items due in the future before items due in the past. Strange behavior for a sort.

I just tried the same sort in context mode... It's not bad. If you pick all contexts, you can see everything together, then sort by project, group by due-date. Not too bad. You just have to focus on a project first, then you get what you want. Albeit, it's not a complete overview of everything (you need to focus to a certain project or folder), it's not a bad solution to the problem.

I see both sides. But, barring difficulties coding it, I'd love to see a smarter view of sorting in the project view. In the very least, it should be painfully obvious that it's sorting within each project, which was not readily apparent to me at first. [Have the week,day, year etc., demarcations within each project folder?] I don't know the solution... all I can say is right now it's very counter-intuitive.

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